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7901 FROST ST, SAN DIEGO, CA 92123
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Sharp Memorial Hospital, located in Kearny Mesa, is known for its outstanding programs in heart care, cancer treatment, orthopedics, rehabilitation and bariatric ...

Sharp Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Sharp Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sharp Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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There are some major communications issues within this complex. If you have an emergency on Friday evening and are told to come back Saturday, be prepared to wait forever and get very little accomplished because one department won't have access to your x-rays, etc. because that other department isn't open on weekends. Oh, and forget about getting a cast on a weekend, too. I only give this 3 stars because the staff is competent but hindered. The facilities are clean, bright and calming and everyone we came in contact with was friendly. We actually got to see an MD (Not an RN, NP, etc.), which is becoming increasingly difficult. One huge plus is that we were referred and got approval almost instantly and were seen right away. (a week ago)

Came in with two hurt ankles from an accident on the treadmill. I was treated with the upmost care and respect. A very happy staff who made sure I left in a better mood than I came in. In addition the service was very fast and efficient. (3 weeks ago)

In my entire life I have never been ripped off by a business as bad as what Sharp Memorial did to me. I went to the emergency room to have a bicycle injury looked at, which had occurred about 7 days prior. I talked to a doctor for no more than 10 minutes, who said I had a hematoma, and he ordered an x-ray, which I protested at first but since he's the doctor I agreed. After the x-ray and 2 more hours of waiting, a Sharp Payment Person came to my bedside and told me I had to pay a "deposit" of $1500 of which I might get some of it refunded. As soon as I paid, the doctor came and told me my x-ray showed no broken bones which I already predicted, and he told me to ice the bruise and sent me on my way. Big Surprise, there was no refund and the "deposit" turned into exactly what I owed them! It was a trick, they lied to me. THEN a week later I got another bill in the mail for the x-ray, THEN another week later I got a bill for "Emergency Services". Total cost for 10 minutes of talking to a doctor and x-ray: $1900. I don't have insurance because I can't afford it, and I guess the way the system works is people who don't have insurance get overcharged to the maximum. I later learned that if I had gone to one of those Urgent Car Clinics, the exact same service would have cost $170. I won't be going to Sharp Memorial again. (in the last week)

My favorite hospital except when I had a major gallbladder failure that took a doctor 2 hours to figure out in the ER. Upon arriving by ambulance I told them that's what it was because I called a doctor on call for my insurance network. He told me to get to the ER immediately after I described the exact location. This drama had major excruciating pain and meds, which led to 2 operations. The Nurses and Doctors are very caring and responsive. (a month ago)

I had surgery at this hospital. The surgeons, doctors, and staff were all very professional and kind. They truly care about your health and I highly recommend this hospital. (a month ago)

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