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Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is a 343-bed hospital with the largest array of health care services in San Diego's South Bay. Sharp Chula Vista's address is 751 ...

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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My brother-in-law had a situation that caused him to be admitted to this facility. All of his family lives on the east coast and are not able to travel to care for him. We asked one of our sisters-in-law to be our point of contact for his case worker and doctor. In a conversation with his doctor, the doctor told my sister-in-law what were our plans for his post-discharge care. She asked for the details of their discharge plan. The doctor couldn't answer and said that he needs to go somewhere for additional PT but he needs to leave the hospital, soon. And then he said, "his insurance sucks." Nice. (2 months ago)

Terrible emergency room. I guess a cancer patient on chemo with chest pain and short of breath is no big deal. I was rudely told at the front desk by a nurse “well, it’s not your heart.” So, I left. No point in staying somewhere that was obviously unconcerned over something that may be major. I will never go here again, I just went because it’s closer to me. I’ll stick to UCSD, much better hospital. (in the last week)

No to Cardiology. I brought my mother in law here because she asked me to come in from Orange County to help her. I’m an RN educator for Cardiology CCU at a Magnet hospital in Orange County. I’m stating this because what I’m going to say should have some credibility. First, this is based on 4 different hospital experiences for several Cardiac tests. 1) morale is low, from what I see and hear from speaking to several staff, and it shows. 2) from my eyes as an educator, does not seem like there is much pride or at the least, accountability for cardiac patients 3) who do I speak to? Example, I asked for supervisor, and these are the three answers I got - “we report to our lead, not sure who’s in charge today”, another day another cardiac staff member, “we don’t have a manager, but I can find out who you can call”, this response was ok, because an effort was made to give me information I requested, but then soon after, this was follow-up, “we can leave a message for OR manager”, answer “uh, not sure but ask for OR manager, that’s who our boss is”, huh? I’m still confused. I give up. After this ‘Rant’, someone from customer service will respond to this with some, apology, I get it. But your not going to change this final point, 4) Cardiologist are rude, very rude, poor bedside mannerisms. Bottom line - i convinced my husband to transfer his mother to our home, I am in the process of bringing my mother in law to Orange County to continue her Cardiac care. Message to Sharp Chula Vista, you might say your a Magnet hospital, but it does not reflect on the service end of your cardiac department. (a month ago)

I am A patient of Dr. Emily cole here at sharp. I would like to share my experience with you. Dr. Emily Cole has been very patient and understanding with me she’s the best urologist I’ve had in 18 years of suffering with an un curable disease called interstitial cystitis. Dr. Cole deserves the best recognition possible because she has help me immensely. She also has a wonderful staff particularly her nurse Michelle her receptionist Amanda everybody that works for her is just wonderful. I can’t thank her enough for helping me! (a month ago)

I normally don't do reviews but I thought I should share my opinion of my visit today. The staff was very nice and helpful, they seemed as though they cared about you as a patient. Maybe that was just my perception but I would like to think that they did. I left feeling way better than I did going in and I think that counts for something. (4 months ago)

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