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ALVA, OK 73717

Share Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Woods County, OK.

Share Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Share Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Dr Benjamin Hicks is extremely knowledgeable and professional. His attention to detail and keen intellect enable him to quickly and accurately assess any medical situation as well as determine the correct course of treatment. I would recommend him to anyone in Northwestern Oklahoma looking for an outstanding M.D. (7 months ago)

Do not go there. All they'll do is send you to Enid or Oklahoma City. They have two doctors there that are widely known as Dr. death and Dr. killer. If it wasn't for the nursing home and the homestead that place would've been shut down years ago. All it does is cypher off money. And we are dumb enough to keep voting on bond measure for that place. F- (10 months ago)

Wonderful people. Nurse Regina and Dr Lawrence were amazing and wonderful people. (9 months ago)

I have been coming to alva since august for our pain meds and other medical issues. I have received a termination of care from dr. Michael lawrence that I do not under stand. We have been driving the 70 miles every month to be seen for our medication. I hope we were not the only one to get this letter. We would like a reasonable explanation for this decision as it would be the right thing to do as we have done nothing for this decision. If it was having to leave when we did it was a plumbing problem we had to meet a plumber in a hurry. The lab slips were given to us to do in enid but the problem was more serios than we thought. If this is not dr lawrence decision i can deal with that and understand about the accident his wife and he had but if it is anything else i do not understand.please make it to were we understand the reason. We will be back for our visit and to receive our refill and hope to walk away with the correct information. Thank you and have a blessed holiday (a year ago)

I do not suggest Share Medical to any one. I have paid my bills that I owed to them, but they seem to have no record of it. I now have to deal with debt collectors and after a year of dealing with Share Medical's Business office they are very unhelpful about getting this flaw they made cleared up. (2 years ago)

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