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922 E CALL ST, STARKE, FL 32091
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STARKE, FL 32091

Shands Starke is an acute care hospital in Starke, FL, offering emergency, lab, outpatient, respiratory care and state-of-the-art medical technology.

Shands Starke Regional Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Bradford County, FL.

Shands Starke Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Shands Starke Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The worst emergency room visit I have ever had. Went in for.a fish bone stuck in my throat. The doctor NEVER looked in my throat. I spent 3 hours there and got "you need to see a gastrointinlogist". They took xrays of my throat and said that they "think" they saw something there. They said I need a CAT scan and I told them absolutely not after spending 3 hours twiddling my thumbs in the exam room. The doctor did not even want to see in my throat! I can look in my throat in the mirror and see a problem. I don't know why Shands wants to lend their name to this place. NEVER AGAIN! (a month ago)

Had a great ER experience but absolutely terrible admitted experience. Most of the nursing staff don't belong anywhere near healthcare. My boyfriend literally overheard one of them gossiping about me at the nurses station as he walked by, including my medical information. There is no sense of urgency or empathy with most of the staff. But, Chris from the pharmacy and Mital are great. (3 weeks ago)

I have always had great experiences here... Never waited longer than 10 minutes in waiting room always have been treated for myself and children quickly while in ER. However this recent experience has been horrible I am so upset I ever spoke good on this hospital. I have multiple friends that work here and now I understand why they say this hospital does not care about the patients. My fiancé ‘ was recently admitted after making several trips in one week. He had been throwing up for weeks and now hasn’t not ate in over a week. He has been treated with pain medicine and nausea medication but it is obvious that it works for only 3-6 hours before he is throwing up again. All we have requested if for a scope to be done. Please do the scope and tell us nothing is wrong. He was admitted Friday and now almost 4 pm Monday still no scope has even been scheduled. I will never recommend this hospital for anything other than a quick ER visit for minor stitches or a slight cold again. I am very sorry for anyone that has lost a loved one here it most likely could of been prevented if they had went somewhere else. I will be having him transferred to St.Vincents in middleburg or to Shands in Gainesville this evening when I get back to there. I do appreciate some of the staff there, a few were wonderful. I am overall completely disgusted with this hospital though and I am a life long resident and have always spoke highly of you guys ... I am very sad to have to write this poor review. (3 months ago)

I live in a small town without a hospital so when I gashed my head and needed stitches at 10 PM on weeknight (the week before Thanksgiving no less) I was about equidistant to Palatka, Gainesville and Starke. We chose Shands Starke, figuring it would be a short wait time and we were not wrong. After registering, we were seen within 5 minutes. The admitting / triage nurse was very friendly and I was immediately handed off to a PA. The PA was upbeat, friendly and professional. She administered stitches to my forehead with precision and was very concerned with my comfort and well being throughout the process. Overall, I can't imagine a much better experience, and I typically hate going to the doctor / hospital! Thanks y'all! (7 months ago)

I only gave one star because it doesn’t allow you to give less Ok so update on Luckie shands in Starke is the worst hospital in the state He was admitted yesterday he’s 50 with Down syndrome the radiologist said His heart is enlarged and fluid around it and the er dr said he disagreed that he has a bacterial pneumonia that he is very ill the dr today dr Ibrahim told me I was making it worse than what it was he’s ok and can leave that he hasn’t heard him coughing nor had any nurses I had to ask over and over to get him water and now having issues with with him because he heard the dr say he can go home Dr Ibrahim stood and was yelling at me told me to sit down and just went on and on about how nothing was wrong with him when I know something is wrong So I signed Luckie out against dr orders and brought him to lake City medical center where he was admitted because His heart is enlarged and fluid around it and he has a bacterial pneumonia He was in room 2166 and I regret ever trusting this hospital with the care of my brother (5 months ago)

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