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AUSTIN, TX 78759

Seton Northwest Hospital (Ranked High Performing in U.S. News & World Report) offers convenient and comprehensive health services for our neighbors in northwest Austin.

Seton Northwest Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Travis County, TX.

Seton Northwest Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Seton Northwest Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! My best bud was rebuilding his drone when something went haywire and the propellers went Bruce Lee on his fingers. Thankfully only the pinkie finger was gashed pretty deep, but it looked like it might need stitches. We went in, and from there it was downhill. The doctor was saccharine sweet and insincere. My buddy HATES needles and asked for a mild anxiety med when they were going to stitch him up. They said no because had a drink (not even half of it) four hours prior. I understand refusing that for liability reasons; that's not what upset me. What upset me is that I COULD HEAR THE STAFF ACCUSING HIM OF JUST WANTING DRUGS IN THE HALLWAY! My buddy was in full-on melt down mode when they were sticking him and the doctor simply ignored everything and kept talking down to him in a condescending tone as if to trivialize his issue. The doctor said she would send the nurse in to dress the finger after the stitching, the nurse came in to stick him with ANOTHER needle (still no anxiety aid) and when he refused, and asked for the dressing, she almost scoffed at him and said “Yeah, I guess I can dress that; let me go talk to the doctor.” No communication whatsoever. Lastly, the hospital was dead, but it took us over three hours to get out, they insisted on an x ray for liability reasons, it took over 35 minutes for discharge papers and they said registration STILL needed to come by and we were waiting for about an hour (we watched two episodes of Family Guy in his hospital room waiting for registration papers). They treated him like he was a drama queen and KEPT TALKING ABOUT HIM WHEN THEY WOULD EXIT THE ROOM. I COULD HEAR THEM! At one-point Courtney (the patient/my buddy) heard them and said shook his head upset about what they were saying about him. He got up out of the hospital bed in tears, upset ready to walk out. One nurse (blonde, tallish) was very sweet and x ray tech was cool too but the nurse and the doctor - my God they were the absolute WORST! It took so long to get registration papers we started walking out and the nurse rolled her eyes at us, got on the phone in a rude, unprofessional sassy tone and said “Can you get registration over here; these guys are threatening to walk out.” What?!? Were we doing something wrong? What was taking so long?!!? He checked us out up front and we got out as soon as possible. If it can be avoided DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! I’ve attached a pic of the “professionals” that were on duty that night. Please heed my warning. Don’t go! (a month ago)

Waited 2.5 hours, while watching countless other patients who arrived after I did go to a room while I still sat, before I realized I was in a circus, not a hospital. The clowns were very craftily disguised as hospital workers, tho, so beware. Yeah, we know hospitals treat the patients by order of medical severity. We get it. Guess that sprained ankle and migraine were surprisingly life-threatening.... (a week ago)

They made me an orphan when I was 13 years old. The ER doctor my father went to see for "pains in the center of his back", just shrugged it off and gave my father demorol. A week later he died of a heart attack. The doctor in Seton's ER asked me is he had been having any issues like back pain or abdomen pain. When I told him that we were there a week before for back pain he literally backed out the door. This happened 20 years ago, not sure how my life would have turned out had the doctor cared at all and actually done his job. Bottom line, if you plan on using Seton you might as well make funeral arrangements, these people are garbage. All this happened after my mother was killed by aplastic anemia in the early 90's, contracted by an overdose of a wonder antibiotic called floxcin. (a week ago)

The worst hospital ever. My wife delivered our son at that hospital. The nurses constantly kept telling us that I had to learn how to take care of my child instead of helping us. We only had 2 hours sleep everyday. Their nurses are so lazy. Please stay away from this hospital. (a month ago)

Jessica from Patient Access is extremely rude and condescending. I would avoid her if at all possible. She has no business working at a hospital, or customer service period. She hands my mother paperwork and when asked to explain what they are for and what she needs to sign she throws a fit and raises her voice saying it's routine paperwork and she needa to hurry up and sign. I am hoping this gets resolved. (a month ago)

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