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6001 KYLE PKWY, KYLE, TX 78640
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Location and information for Seton Medical Center Hays.

Seton Medical Center Hays is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hays County, TX.

Seton Medical Center Hays does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Seton Medical Center Hays is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I walked into the ER on a Saturday afternoon. There was only one other person in the waiting room. I was wheeled back after the very brief check-in. It was so fast, I didn’t have time to sit down. A nice ER nurse appeared immediately in my room/cubby. She took my history and then the doctor came in within minutes. I had a few test done quickly by really pleasant staff members. I had about an hour wait to get the test results back but that was really the only wait I had. Everything thankfully was normal. I didn’t have a blood clot in my leg. I was released and and all the paperwork completed before I left the ER. It was amazing. Everyone there seemed happy and appeared to enjoy their work. I am from NC and I have been to emergency rooms before but I have never been in and out so quickly or had anywhere near the experience I had in Kyle. Hats off to Seton for doing it right. Wish more hospitals would follow their lead. (a month ago)

This is a wonderful hospital ... the nurses are especially kind and caring. My loved one received excellent care for an extremely complicated condition. The building is lovely as well with views of the Texas Hill Country, soothing artwork and a peaceful chapel. (2 months ago)

My mother usually frequents this hospital, she was seeming off today so I urged her to go in. She came back obviously very upset, she described the staff as rude from the start and could hear the nurses screaming at other patients. They acted very improperly towards her just because she had been there the previous night for issues they STILL didn't treat her for after putting her in the wrong wing of the hospital! She was so upset she refused to even be properly seen and left before they even could understand what was going on with her. Definitely never coming here again. (a month ago)

I am currently sitting in a room back in the ER with my wife. For the past few days I have had an extremely difficult time breathing. It has been one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have had. Straining just to feel like I am getting enough Oxygen. No pain, no other symptoms , but feel I can not breathe. The check in process was quick and very welcoming . I was laying here over 2 hours before a doctor came in to see me. Never even saw a nurse prior to him coming in. The only people I saw within the first 2 hours were two ladies who brought me back for a chest xray. So finally after 2.5 hours or so the Doctor came in to tell me that eveything is normal . They want to take a blood sample but assuming that is fine, there is nothing wrong and that will be that. I asked if there is anything I could do that could help with my breathing , and I was basically told no in a very dismissive way. He said since there is nothing to treat there is nothing I can do. I cant even describe how upsetting it is to hear that there is nothing that can be done, and it is basically no big deal, when I feel like I can breathe. This morning I was so worried (as well as my wife) that we decided I better go to the ER. I have nothing to gain by coming, but feel as if they think I am making somehting up, not sure why else I would be ignored in such a way. No pain, so not seeking drugs. But have been competley dismissed, me and whatever is going on with me medically. So what now? I go to a hospital for answers and get none. Guess I will have to call around to see if there is any place that cares enough to atleast look into why it is so difficult for me to breathe. My wife and I are truly in shock with how this has gone. (in the last week)

I have visited this place twice, one took my little brother to the ER for breathing problems at midnight and he was quickly taken in and examined by a very attentive nurse 5 stars on that, the second visit I came in with my dad who had welder's flash and a swollen face, came in past midnight again and there were no rooms, the receptionist kept asking though and I felt she really cared about his pain, after a few minutes she gets a hold of a clean room and we go in, after 20 minutes a doctor comes in and fiddles with this machine shining a bright light to look for possible metal fragments in his eyes, after getting the clear we are free to go. 3 stars on this one for the surprisingly long 20 minute wait for small town kyle texas past midnight. Both times I left my car in the emergency entrance and was told that was fine for short term. (5 months ago)

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