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Pharmacy Services, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center "Featuring genuine employees on our website accurately shows the heart of Sentara.

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Prince William County, VA.

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Poor communication with no follow up! My husband has been seen there twice. The first time for a wrist injury. The nurse forced an uncomfortable brace on his arm. The next more he removed it to shower and realized it was a brace for the opposite hand and had to make a return visit. The second time he was seen he was held for observation for 24 hrs. We were first told he was being admitted, the he wasn't, then he was. We were then told we were waiting for a room upstairs. I stayed waiting to see if I could stay with him over night while our teens were at home. At 9:45pm I finally asked again. I was then told they were waiting for the room to open up... Oops never mind he'll just be staying in observation all night. The following morning the information did not get better. The only high point were the wonderful cardio nurses in another wing of the hospital. After we were told we would be waiting for release from the cardiologist for addition outpatient testing he never showed up. Given the choice we will never return to this hospital. (in the last week)

I had no choice where to go. Fainted and hit my head. Ambulance folk great to me. (Reason for 2 stars rather than 1 for Sentara.) ER was packed! Spent 7 hours in an ER room mostly taking up space. Doc used 4 staples to close my head wound with no pain injections given for the excruciating stapling procedure!! Said pain injections would take too long to work and hurt more. NOT possible. As a 'cardiac patient' probably had better care and a quiet room. Quality of food was horrendous. Small slab of mystery meat stuck to stale white bread. Day shift RN, etc. care was much better than night shift. No sleep, of course. The night nurses were loud and argued continuously at their station. The worst part of the stay by far, they probably couldn't read so they wouldn’t bother to gauge my progress notes with my daily mobility improvements. They put the bed alarm back on! So be sure to stick to your guns, insist on continuity of care, and don't sign anything absolving them of liability. Avoidance from passive-aggressive, lazy, power-freak night Charge Nurse wouldn’t come talk to me at my insistence. Foreign-national night shift staff malfeasance with rude superiority complex trying to hide gross incompetence and nasty office politics. Long 12-hour shifts where news travels fast if you assert yourself to make them stick with the program. Don’t give in! Three different docs in charge over two days. Couldn't get a discharge transport orderly so the RN did it. (a month ago)

Spent the past 4 hours here. In excruciating pain. Sat in a wheel chair basically the whole visit. Never was placed in a room. Saw a nurse practitioner in a small waiting room where she discussed all of my business. Poor service. Disappointed!! The only reason I gave one star is because I wasn't able to post without it. Smh!!😡 (3 weeks ago)

This place is HORRIBLE! I brought my 5 month old baby in to the emergency room and sat there for an hour waiting. The waiting room was packed. Lady sitting next to me was waiting for 3hrs. Worst experience ever! They will literally let you DIE in the waiting room. Never coming back here again. I walked out and drove to Fairfax Hospital where my son was attended immediately. It’s sad that I had to drive 25 min to another hospital because my neighborhood hospital sucks! Smh... (2 weeks ago)

Horrible experience ever at a hospital. First time here too. My sister's boyfriend had an accident at construction job with a nail gun that penetrated his knee cap, and it took 2 hours to get him checked, once they took his exray they took him to a room where they asked him questions, the lady who attended him was an assistant doctor who came in with a bunch of interns (students), they all laugh amongst themselves because of the injury and how they couldn't pull it out. No pain relievers were given we had to ask to get it and they gave him percoset, we asked why couldn't they numb the area, (at this point they seemed cheap to me) and she says "I mean, we could" my thoughts were, than why don't you?" he's in excruciating pain and your just laughing. She couldn't pull the nail out of his knee claiming that she could and it was easy, and ended up calling for assistance. An intern offered to help before that and she said "wouldn't you like to do the fun stuff, you wish you could do this" me and my sister are both looking at each other at this point, shocked by all we were seeing and hearing. ONCE they took the nail out everyone was making jokes and giving each other high fives (what type of reaction is that). When she left the room two interns stayed, one of them said "is this the disinfectant doctor was talking about to mix with" only to have the other intern reply with "I think so" . They have their student doing what ever with no supervision, there probably injecting who knows what on patients. IN ALL HONESTY IF I CAN RATE THIS HOSPITAL A NEGATIVE STAR I WOULD DO IT AN A HEART BEAT. This was workers comp and they messed up the paper work claiming we were gonna half to pay, the People coming in to do the paper work were talking with they're mouths full, as in they were eating while talking to us (very disrespectful). No patient deserves to be treated this way, patients deserve better care. As I was leaving they're was a baby who seemed to be coughing nonstop in the waiting room, and I really wanted to approach the mom and tell her to take her baby to another hospital. (a month ago)

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