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Sentara Leigh Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Norfolk City County, VA.

Sentara Leigh Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sentara Leigh Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Such a great staff. We're very friendly and great at communicating. Very quick in and out visit. Always a pleasure going here even on an emergency visit. Got stitches done here last week n just taking out. Thank you Johnathan & lady's who's name I can't remember rite now.. emergency did a great job. A+ keep up the great work (2 weeks ago)

The staff here are friendly, empathetic, and patient-- minus the one nurse who took my partner's vitals right after he was admitted, who was a total c*nt. The doctors that saw him actually sat down and took the time to listen to every last one of his concerns, unlike the staff at Sentara Norfolk General who just rush through their patients and brush off their concerns. Unfortunately that's where the positive note ends. Although kind and attentive, they are horribly slow here and downright FORGETFUL once your patient is out of the ER and staying in a room-- from requesting his medication, to the specific tests that the original doctor had ordered, to getting a referral for a PCP, it seems like you have to tell these people at least a couple of times when something needs to be done. The last doctor he spoke to didn't run the tests that he was supposed to get and proceeded to take him off one of the only medications that has been helping him feel better for the time being. To that I say, we only hope his health doesn't go back down the toilet and that he has to end up here again. It's starting to seem as if the entire Sentara health system isn't very competent when it comes to properly diagnosing and treating certain medical issues. (2 weeks ago)

If only I could give this facility zero stars! I had the most horrible experience at the Sentara Leigh maternity department. To begin with, a nurse attempted to start an IV in my hand with a catheter that way too big and blew the vein. As an ICU nurse, I cautioned her not to do this. She left a scar that still has not gone away. She had poor clinical skills. After my baby was born, the nurse who took him to the nursery one night for an assessment returned him to me with a pacifier in his mouth. This lent to him having nipple confusion and needing to be fed with a syringe for 2 weeks after that. Idiot! The nurse who was assigned to me after delivery was rude and unfriendly. She had a perpetual scowl on her face and behaved as if she was doing me a favor by being there. When my baby would not latch to be breastfed, she gave me a disdainful look and walked off. Well, it's your co-worker that caused this! I kept telling the staff when I got admitted that my baby was in a breached position. I could feel his head under my rib cage. No one listened. When they finally agreed to do an ultrasound and found that I was right, they flew into a panic as I needed an emergency C-section. My blood pressure dropped after being given an epidural and more anesthesia when they realized I needed a C-section. I was unable to move my body from the neck down. Thank God I did not need to be intubated. I saw them hang at least 5 liters of IV fluids to help my BP and fix the mess they made. I had swollen feet that would not go into my shoes for weeks after that. The list of stupidity and rudeness goes on. It angers me to even think of them. I have never come across such an incompetent group of nurses in my life. Do yourself a favor and stay away from there. (in the last week)

I was sent to the ER here from urgent care to get testing done for a possible blood clot. I waited so long in between anyone speaking to me, and no one told me what was going on. I was directed to a hospital bed in the hallway. The lady who took my blood walked away from me after I was sent into a panic and I had to wander around looking for a tissue because I was bawling and hyperventilating. The whole time the staff kept looking at me but offered no help. One nurse was observing the other nurse take my blood and said "I'm going home, I need a drink." and walked away from me as if he was making fun of me. I was alone and had no family/friends with me and the staff basically ignored me. The doctor and nurse kept switching around and they would come up to me, say a few words, then leave without explaining what was going on. The doctor told me they were going to do a breathing treatment and 45 mins later the nurse came and handed me an inhaler and said "you can keep it"...with no further instructions? I guess this was the breathing treatment? Anyways, I spent hours here having a horrible time. The staff doesn't care to explain anything to you. I wish I would have been sent somewhere else. (in the last week)

No they are not they are so super nice people and they help you,they treat very good and they are understanding,I appreciate there help and kind and also they treat you like family #I Give them Five Stars,I just wanna say Thank You and God Bless,Take Care (3 months ago)

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