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Sentara CarePlex Hospital is a technologically advanced, acute care hospital, and Certified Primary Stroke Center located in Hampton, Va. The 224-bed hospital offers ...

Sentara Careplex Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hampton City County, VA.

Sentara Careplex Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sentara Careplex Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to the emergency room wednesday for a infection. I was promotly checked in. Very courteous and professional people at the desk. This really eased my mind from the reviews i had read on here. The doctor or nurse practitioner that was assigned to me was very detailed and i could not think her enough. I cannot leave out the lady that did my ultrasound. She made things very easy going and provided great care of my needs as well. I personally had a great experience with the staff at this facility and i could not have asked for a better experience. Keep up the good work. (2 weeks ago)

Can google make a half of a star so i can bring this 2.2 down further. Girly friend has been here for 6 hours and counting with nothing but minor pain killers (hour 6). One good nurse. Everyone else is horrible. Came in with kidney pain levels ranging from 5-10 pain. I have work in 3 hours! Never coming back! (3 weeks ago)

First off, this is not emergency help. This is, wait around to see if you’ll make it to see the next hour. And then the next one.. Sentara is a joke, I don’t understand how this place is possibly still running. We waited 3 hours to be seen, my sister was in excruciating pain with a blue, busted, swollen hand. Her joints were visibly out of place. Most of the staff was very rude and beyond uninterested. They had her information listed under Arlington, Va; she doesn’t even live there and never has. Her hand was never wrapped for support, compression, nothing. I personally had to ask for some ice to ease the pain, that took forever and you would’ve thought I was the biggest bother to that poor nurses life. The actual doctor was so uninterested in comforting her or getting her better. The staff was insensitive and just plain rude. No manners what so ever! This is a disgusting place. If you’d like to risk your health, by all means, go for it! This place hasn’t changed and sadly, it’s getting worse. One day a patient is going to walk in and leave wealthy from their careless mistakes and insensitivity. I’m an upcoming nursing student and this was absolutely an eye opener, I pray to make a change one day! (a month ago)

This hospital is a joke. I went in for an emergency FIVE HOURS later I still hadn't been seen so I left and went to Riverside. Riverside got me in right away, monitored, etc. you know, things hospitals are supposed to do. So today I got a bill from Sentara for MORE than my bill from riverside. The hospital that actually did something and saw me. $300 for sitting in the waiting room? Please. Not only that apparently Sentara wouldn't have been able to help me anyways (pregnancy related) so why wasn't I told that BEFORE CHECKING IN? Disgusting pathetic excuse for a hospital. (5 months ago)

I have never been compelled to leave a negative review for a medical institution but I must say that I am completely disappointed in this facility. Sentara Careplex completely dropped the ball when it came to medical care for my grandfather. My grandfather was seen in the ER and sent home the next day, 2 days later he was back in the ER and sent home again, 3 days later he was deceased. He was sent home to die in pain 6 days after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. We have to take better care of our citizens and veterans, medical care in America has become a joke and our citizens are paying the price with their lives. (a month ago)

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