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A progressive community hospital serving area residents. Links to specialty clinics, maps, and hospital mission. Located in Pittsfield.

Sebasticook Valley Health is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Somerset County, ME.

Sebasticook Valley Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sebasticook Valley Health is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Been here 3 times.....This ER does absolutely nothing if it can get away with it. Tonight my son was in horrible ear pain... crying, can't sleep, etc. He has had issues with this same ear previously and has had to have it flushed...tonight the doctor said it looked waxy and to see our primary doctor. He also said it looked irritated but not as bad as they usually see. Umm. Ok. I asked if they could just flush it here instead of having to wait two days to see primary doctor, so the nurse looked and said it didn't look that bad. So she gave Tylenol and sent us home. Previously taken our foster child to this ER and they did nothing for her either when they had it in the power to help her. My daughter BROKE her hip 2 years ago. She was brought in by ambulance on a stretcher. Screaming and crying in the worst pain of her life. Because she literally could not move from one bed to the next or use the bathroom, they said they were going to send her home and that it was probably muscular, but if she was still in this much pain in 3 days to come back! Whaaaat?? I pushed for a CT scan and they were so ugly about that! So, she has the CT scan and she had a broken hip. GO TO WATERVILLE E.R. This ER will do nothing for you... I promise! (a week ago)

If I could do no stars I absolutely would! My own personal experiences with this place was with my gall bladder attacks. I was given meds for anxiety even though I told them several times that I'd never had anxiety. No testing was done on me, only a drug given. A week later at Redington Fairview, I was diagnosed with a bad gall bladder and had it removed. Years ago this place was known by the locals as the band aid station. Now it's worse! Awhile ago my adult daughter had to go in to have am IV replaced. They tried 16 times! Yes you read that right... 16 times... She left there and drove directly to Redington Fairview and on the first try they got it in. Last night my grand daughter was brought in. She had a fever and a sore throat as well as blisters all over her. They did NO tests on her, said she had a virus and sent her home in her miserable state. This morning my grand daughter was brought to Thayer, who actually DID tests. Guess what Sebasticook??? She's got a double ear infection, strep throat AND scarlet fever. Your emergency department that was on staff on 2/17\18 did not do their job. They allowed a very sick 4 year old to be sent home with no tests because in your words, "they were not necessary." They were! Any normal human looking at her knew she needed testing done. You suck at what you do right down to the simplest tasks of drawing blood and doing the proper diagnostics. Words cannot even begin to say just how angry and upset I am with this facility. In ending, to the public I say, if you're even thinking for a minute about bringing your family or friend here, drive right past it. Don't even bother! (4 months ago)

I would give it less if I could. We walked in at 10:20 PM with tingling and numbness in the face hands and body that had been present for more than 6 hours. By 11:20 they were drawing blood and said it could be neurological. It ours now 1:39 AM and still no word back on the blood work or anything else. That's after watching 5 people walk out the door. Their response to muy question of what's going on is that they will check with the lab. 2:10 AM discharged with no answer and symptoms still present. Nice waste of time and money. (8 months ago)

As a patient of Dr. Penney for 5+ years, I have nothing but positive experiences with her. She always has taken the time to really listen to me and thoroughly explains everything. She most often is able to see me that same day. She really considers my opinion with the utmost respect when treating me. She has been a complete godsend to my family. The kids love having her as their doctor as well. Highly recommended! (a year ago)

Last week I went to the ER at SVH while on vacation in Maine from California for an episode of fainting associated w/ a recently diagnosed heart valve problem. I was quickly admitted and seen by a physician. Tests were performed and the doctors recommended an overnight admission for observation plus an additional test the next morning. The room was huge, the care was excellent, and the food wasn't bad. The ECHO was performed the next morning and the preliminary review was done quickly so we could proceed w/ our vacation after being reassured it was OK to do so. I am grateful for the care I rec'd at SVH and have high regards for the doctors, nurses, and staff. CA cardiologist requested that I obtain a copy of the ECHO and forward it to him prior to our next visit. The SVH Imaging Dept. mailed a disc to my home the day after my discharge. That would never happen so fast in So Cal. (8 months ago)

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