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13695 US HWY 1, SEBASTIAN, FL 32978
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Photo: Sebastian River Medical Center ~ a Steward Family Hospital

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13695 US HWY 1


Sebastian River Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Indian River County, FL.

Sebastian River Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sebastian River Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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My wife and I escaped from IRM Hospital in Vero Beach because they did nothing to help her in the ER. We escaped to Sebastian Hospital and were treated in a very professional way. It took a long time for a doctor to arrive but they did not want to do with my wife all that IRM wanted to do BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT IT NOT NECESSARY AND WE AGREED. Thanks to you for releasing her one day later! (a month ago)

My mom and I took my 84 year old Dad to the ER this morning. He was literally bleeding from the penis. He has a lot of other medical conditions which complicate and skew his symptoms. He also is a prostrate cancer patient. Dr Fernandez came in our room and does not say hello or introduce himself. He asks what the reason for our visit. We tell him that the patient is bleeding from the penis, try to give him a little background etc... he looks at us and says, “can you show me?” Like he has no idea where it’s located. My mom just looked at him and said his penis???? He said oh you can’t show me because it’s his penis??? Like my mother had never seen it ..... After testing, he comes in and says he has an infection we are sending you home with a Foley catheter. Neither my mom or myself have ever had to take care of one. The nurse came back in to get him ready to be discharged. She started explaining about the catheter which we had a lot of questions about. Nurse said she will check and see if he really needs it to go home. Dr Fernandez comes back in and says if we go home without it we will be back in there tonight for the same problem and sounds like we need a nursing home. I clarified, no we need a nurse at home.... not a nursing home. So Mom and I said ok.... we’ll figure it out, maybe call for home health to come check on it... Dr leaves and nurse comes back in. Again we are asking questions about it and she is explaining some but at the same time she removed the catheter! She said the Dr told her to remove it. I do not care that he is a Dr but he is rude and condescending and I will never allow anyone in my family to be seen by him again. We had a similar visit with him about a year ago, he said he could admit him but if he did we would end up with a referral to a nursing home. We do not want to put him in a nursing home.... I don’t know why he is so hell bent on putting him in one and if he is not, why would he try to make us feel like we aren’t doing a good job trying to take care of him. Mom and I work really hard to take care of him and do not need discouragement from a ER dr.... all his other Drs encourage us. Also he prescribed him an antibiotic and another medication. I called his urologist oncologist when we left the ER and they said don’t give him the 2nd medication and they are arranging for a nurse to come tomorrow to put in another catheter. On another note, we go to this hospital monthly for my Dads infusion treatments and all of the outpatient staff are wonderful..... this Dr in the ER has totally turned me against this struggling hospital. They need to get a more professional Dr in there... our experience today was awful. My dad just kept apologizing to us, that is not how this should be!!!!! We found out tonight that the antibiotic he prescribed him should never be given to a patient which the neurological disorder he has (which is in his records at the hospital- that is what his monthly infusion treatments are for) so 2 bad calls on prescriptions!!! They also sent him home in a hospital johnny with poop on it instead of helping him into his own clothes..... (a month ago)

We are visiting Sebastian from WV and we needed to utilize the ER last night. We were very pleasantly surprised by the speed at which we were seen. Two of the nurses: Julia and the other one I didn’t catch his name were excellent. Julia was not only kind to the patient, but to me as well offering me a blanket and answering all questions. Dr. Dudley was great as well. A CT scan was ordered and completed in a matter of minutes. From check in to discharge we were only there 2 and a half hours. It was definitely a good experience, especially being away from home. (7 months ago)

Wonderful staff each visit .have a heart condition ..all staff was wonderful .will always come to Sebastian hospital in the Future,they listened and took care of me from head to toe comforted me thou all test and surgery's I needed .had a Dr appointment in Vero n was told to go to er right away they had me go to Vero hospital and was the worst experience I have every had ..........was released feeling more concerned then when I went in ,I will be going back to Sebastian hospital tomorrow to get answers,,,, and feel confident I will be heard and treated as I have in the past GREAT JOB SEBASTIAN HOSPITAL WONDERFUL STAFF THAT I APPRECIATE .... (2 months ago)

Went to the Emergency department for back pain and shortness of breath. Normally I would not go to the ER but my friend who had a pulmonary embolism a few years ago told me my symptoms were very similar so I figured I would go to ER in case I had a life threatening problem. I had no other symptoms. Dr. Fernandez was the doctor that was on duty. He walked in to my room, did not introduce himself, asked me why I was wearing the boots I had on (it was raining- they were rain boots- most people could deduct the rationale??) at any rate I had no idea he was the doctor. He stood beside my bed and proceeded to ask me why I was there -so I told him. He then asked me whether my pain was “from my kidney, back, or lung?” (like I would know- that’s why I was there...bc I had no idea what was wrong w me) then he listened to my anterior chest (even though pain was posterior) then just walked out without saying another word. He ordered an X-ray of my chest, a UA, and some blood work. Once results were back he let the med student who was shadowing him come and tell me my “diagnosis” (keep in mind I have NO urinary tract symptoms like a fever, dysurea, hematuria, etc. - one would THINK if they had an acute infection that had traveled into the kidney that she would have a fever? Painful urination?) Anyway as the student was explaining my diagnosis Dr. Fernandez came back in and interrupt her to tell me that my pain is from “pyelourea??” Or “pyelonephritis” (can’t remember what he said bc he was speaking to me like I was a dumb ass that was wasting his precious time-though when I arrived NOBODY was in waiting room and the place was empty). He gave me a script for an antibiotic and pain med (despite me telling him I did NOT need pain medication) and walked out again. I did not inform him that I am a forensic pathologist AND an attorney. I sure hope his diagnosis is accurate!! He was a very unpleasant man. (a month ago)

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