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4077 5TH AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92103
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4077 5TH AVE

Scripps Mercy Hospital - with campuses in San Diego and in Chula Vista - has an extended network of primary care and specialized physicians.

Scripps Mercy Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Scripps Mercy Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Scripps Mercy Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My dying friend just wanted to be well enough to fly home to her friends and family. They fixed her up, rehydrated her, gave her platelets, and let her go (against medical advice of course so she signed something) She had been at a Mexican clinic hoping for a miracle but only got worse. She could not get out of bed and I did not think she would be able to leave. I was so grateful that the staff cooperated with her wishes and were so very helpful. She made it home! (in the last week)

My daughter had surgery here a few days ago and we were very impressed with the nurses who cared for her. Both Nancy and Ellen were extremely friendly, comforting and attentive to her. That helps make a negative into a more positive experience. (a month ago)

I am a healthcare engineer and build hospitals, therefore I have a long history working with medical professionals. Scripps is good, it is a training hospital as are many facilities, it doesn't have the bells and whistles of some hospitals, but it also doesn't have that price tag. The nurses are great. Some of the doctors are great, some are only good. I came in with chest pain and irregular heart beat, I was All but Instantly put in an Exam room, and a portable x-ray was brought in. They admitted me and worked to get me entirely healthy, not just my heart, because I have phenomena as well as two blood clots. They helped set up primary care doctors because I am only visiting SD, but need to be on strong blood thinners. I have cheep insurance right now because I am not working. And I have never done any work in this facility. But the staff treated great with real concern for my well being. Since very little in life is ever "perfect" I don't give a perfect scores. But I give Scripps my strongest endorsement for anyone needing medical attention. (3 months ago)

This place almost killed my mother she was diagnosed with colon cancer and they didn’t even do G.I. I took her to another hospital realize that they diagnosed hers wrong , she had hernia ,they referred my mother to hospice and hospice was just pumping Morphine to finish my mother off! This hospital gets a kickback from hospice and they also own the hospice, my mothers is well she’s off the hospice they were not feeding her any food they just letting her die, I won’t even take my dog to this hospital,they also have list thisHospital as a nonprofit organization with government so they don’t pay any taxes some mafia organizations,don’t just walk away,RUN! Somebody needs to look into this ASAP. (in the last week)

My friend of 30 years is at the hospital. I was told in order for me to find out his diagnosis, he would have to sign a release form, one week later they tell me no only his sister can tell me, his sister is not a nice person at all and the patient does not agree with what the sister is telling me. So it's a very bad experience for the patient and myself, I feel the daughter has more rights to his Care , given his permission to do so. (a month ago)

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