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Photo: HonorHealth Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center

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Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My husband there for a 3 day stay . From ER to discharge to billing and all the care in between--wow, super care and kind, professional people. The place is clean and spacious rooms. My husband had top of the line care without getting procedures etc he did not need. He did get 3 mris and the tech called in and pleasant/kind/professional. The PT/OT and nurses and staff were awesome--really this place hit it out of the park on every level. Even billing is smooth process. All of this and they have doctors like Dr. Becker of the highest caliber. We have found our hospital! Thankyou to them! (a week ago)

This ER has always been great. They are usually extremely quick to get people back and is the only ER my family will use no matter where we move to in Phoenix. Our most recent experience we did wait a fair amount more than normal but the triage nurse Steve T. was phenomenal. He was so caring and empathetic. He gave the easiest IV, didnt even feel it. And even checked in after we were back in a room. Just a great person and employee. I never give reviews on anything but Steve earned every single bit of 5 stars for this hospital. (2 months ago)

I was in the ER last night. I didn’t have to wait long and everyone was nice. Christopher was a very caring and kind nurse. The doctor sent me home after 2.5 hours. Good ER experience. (a week ago)

Took my grandma in to the ER on Wednesday morning around 2:30 am, and from the get go this was a pretty horrible experience. When we first arrived there was literally no one in the waiting room so we went straight into triage where the horror began. After asking all the questions the nurse placed the blood pressure cuff over my grandmas oversized jacket which was the first mistake, causing the cuff to constrict so tightly around her arm that her entire arm and hand turned purple as her veins bulged under her skin and she screamed in pain. The nurse had the most disgusting look on her face and just demanded my grandma calm down and remain still instead of taking it off and letting her relax. The cuff was so tight my grandma broke out in little red spots all over her forearm and her upper arm was completely red. We walked back to a room where a very kind nurse came and spoke with us and asked some of the same questions.. She placed the IV needle in a rather small vein and practically had to massage the blood out in order to run the tests which ended up clotting which resulted in another nurse coming in to draw more blood out of another vein (tying the tourniquet so tightly around her shirt that she winced and moaned in pain yet again) . She was wheeled off to ultra sound very quickly and while she was gone quite a few people came in via ambulance which took up all of the staff and left us in our room for nearly 2 and a half hours without seeing anyone. Once the doctor came back with the results it took about 45 minutes longer to get her antibiotic for the infection she has and another 45 minutes to actually be discharged.. But before that she had to go through her another traumatizing blood pressure reading and then ANOTHER because the pain was so horrible that they couldn’t get a proper reading. Overall I’m left in shock over the treatment, experience, and care my grandma received. I only give them two stars because while the experience was absolutely horrible, her main nurse was very sweet and the doctor was gentle and caring. (2 months ago)

I spent 4 nights at this hospital last week via the ER. I felt the care was top rated and the facilities as good as they can get. Great nursing staff. Only issue was with the head dr called the Hospitalist who seemed to want to take the role of attending physician and seemed to be over stepping her role. She was leaving so that issue is going away. Ive always had good experience with this facility. We in Scottsdale are fortunate to have first class health care. (2 months ago)

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