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More information about the Scott & White Medical Center - Temple, part of Baylor Scott & White Health, located in Temple, Texas.

Scott & White Medical Center - Temple is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bell County, TX.

Scott & White Medical Center - Temple does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Scott & White Medical Center - Temple is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I love the care I receive here, not only because it's my place of employment, but as an employee, you see what it takes to work in a large hospital. You understand both sides. I was diagnosed with SLE in 2010 and I see multiple specialties regularly and my team is wonderful. I was hospitalized twice in the last seven years and my care both times was what I expected. My mom had 12 hour brain surgery in 2016 and the staff that assisted in her care were excellent, especially the nurses. Every institution will have certain aspects you may not like and that's life. No one hospital system is perfect, but I feel Scott and White strives to get better. That's why they ask for feedback. If you want improvement, then fill out the survey! (3 weeks ago)

So my 86 year old mother was feeling very poorly and told me take her here. We got right in and they put us in c1 room. They decided to do some test. My mother is unable to control her bowels so she wears depends. The nurse wanted to do a pee test, so they took her pants and depends off. Put a catheter in to get the pee. I had left the room because the nurse asked me too. I walked back in later and my mother said she was really uncomfortable and needed the bed adjusted, she also said she felt wet like she had peed the bed. So we pressed the red button and the nurse said someone would be right down. 15 minutes later no nurse. I went up and down the hallway looking for someone and could find no one. Luckily one of the office doors was open and the head nurse was there. She came in and talked to my mom but did not try to help her but said she would find her nurse. After about 10 minutes a nurse came and looked under my mom and the whole bed was wet with pee. She said she was sorry she forgot to put her depends back on. So after cleaning my mom and putting new sheets back on she said she would find the doctor because we had been there 2 hours and still had no information. The doctor finally came and said they would like to keep her overnight. But at that time after the level of care she had received my mother was ready to get the hell out of there. We did wait at first for about 3 hours for them to get a bed upstairs but I was afraid we would have been there all night before anything happened. Anyway my mother told the nurse she was leaving and to give her a prescription. My mother told me if she ever gets sick again no matter if she is on her deathbed under no circumstances am I to take her to this emergency room and I have to agree. I would never go back no matter what. (a week ago)

Normally I don’t do reviews but I am just Soooo satisfied with the service that was provided for me here. I am actually Currently a patient in Labor and Delivery - Every nurse and doctor I’ve came in contact with at this hospital has made sure I was comfortable, understood everything that was happening and kept me updated with any new info. By far the best hospital I’ve ever been to. (2 weeks ago)

I have had bad experiences before but not this time. The nurses and CNA s were great. Professional, humor and going the extra mile. So patient and understanding. I was in 6 North. I wish I could remember all the names. Very good to my family too. I can't say enough of how grateful I am. (3 months ago)

Don't go here unless you have money to burn and/or an excellent medical plan. The medical care may or may not be worth the 4x the listed Bluebook "Fair Price", but they won't tell you ahead of time, so unless you want to pay 400 dollars for a 60 dollar X-ray, or 2000 dollars for a 500 EEG like I did, don't set foot in the building. You might have a seizure and be bustled off to an ER room where you're unconscious for a metabolic panel the doctor orders at three times the normal rate. And then, when you dispute the price with the customer service representative, all they'll tell you is "those are our prices. Take them or leave them." Except not really, because you had to take them, because you were unconscious. If you have any other option, go elsewhere. EDIT: Yes, BSWH social media department. I filed a report with your customer service department. First they told me it was because of the tax bracket you're in. Then they said it was because emergency rooms are always pricier. But finally they just said it was because those were the prices you have, and the only solution was for me to have a better insurance plan next time I have a seizure. Honestly, it seems like your customer service department is just there to provide an excuse for your exorbitant prices, but in any case I have no desire to go through the whole song and dance again. (2 weeks ago)

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