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Information about the Baylor Scott & White medical center in Round Rock, TX.

Scott & White Hospital-Round Rock is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Williamson County, TX.

Scott & White Hospital-Round Rock does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Scott & White Hospital-Round Rock is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Dr. Macomber is a great doctor! Lovely waiting room. They even have a small cafe. I’m just sitting in the waiting room so I’m content. The staff is nice. It’s really cold in here so bring a jacket or sweater if you tend to get cold. My family had a good experience and kids get stickers. (in the last week)

My dad was there last month. And had the best care. The doctors and nurses were amazing. And very professional at there job. My dad and I were very impressed how they treat there patients. And the care they give. I recommend to take your loved ones there. (a month ago)

First they tell you to do procedure, then they, charge you for unreal amount for simple procedure. even insurance does not want to cover it. Doctors are good, but facility simple suck your money. I did the same procedure in Seton heart institute, and charges was much lower... so can not recommend that place (2 months ago)

I had originally given this place 5 stars. I have since had to change my review. My bills Some Baylor Scott and white are inconsistent in their amounts. I've had to make several trips to this location to get explanations on why my bill keeps changing. 3 different trips yielded 3 different explanations. This leads me to believe that their financing department does not understand their own insurance and how it operates within their system. (a month ago)

I absolutely love my care team at Scott and White, but their billing department is making me seriously consider finding health care elsewhere. My bill was $1400 when they informed me that they would be sending my balance to Western Alliance bank, and that all of my future bills would be paid through them. However, only about $400 of my balance transferred to Western Alliance, so then I was being billed by them and Scott and White. This started in August, and I would get a bill from S&W every month saying I was past due. I called every month explaining that my entire balance needed to either be transferred to Western Alliance or maintained through S&W because I was not going to pay two different bills every month when I had signed up for one payment plan, and that it was not my fault that THEY decided to defer my bill to a third party billing company. I was reassured multiple times that the rest of my balance would transfer, that I didn’t need to worry about the S&W bills I was receiving as long as I paid Western Alliance, and that it would NOT be sent to collections. In December I received a final notice from S&W, so of course I called. They informed me that my remaining $1000 has finally transferred to Western Alliance and that their system should update within a day or so, so that my balance with S&W should be $0 and my balance with Western Alliance should be $1400. I called Western Alliance to make sure they had accepted the balance, and sure enough, my balance through them was $1400. HOWEVER, the $1006 in S&W’s system never cleared and they SENT IT TO COLLECTIONS. Now they are claiming I owe them $1006 and I owe Western Alliance $1400. That would make my entire bill $2400, and it has NEVER been that high at any point in time. I guess I’m going to have to report them to the Department of Health and Human Services for fraudulent billing practices, because they have now doubled the amount that I should owe them and attempted to ruin my credit over it. (4 months ago)

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