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MAMOU, LA 70554

Savoy Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Evangeline County, LA.

Savoy Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Savoy Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Savoy Medical Center has a real problem in their billing dept. I have just been sent a letter from them stating that my claim for blood work in the amount of almost 2000.00 has been sent to a collection agency. It was filed by them with an outdated card. The responsible insurance company now says it is denied because Savoy did not submit it in a timely manner. Savoy is claiming that they never got my card. I never had a problem with any other claim filed after that or before that AT THAT SAME OFFICE. Nor at the drugstore next door where my prescriptions are filled. They were given the proper card. Savoy is attempting to harass me to pay for their mistake. WATCH OUT FOR THE BILLING DEPARTMENT. Check out the U.S. News stats on the SMC's own website to see how they rank with other hospitals on their performance quality. (4 months ago)

My grandma was admitted and some (not all) of the staff treated her poorly and disrespectfully. Every time I walked to the nurses station to ask for assistance, I was treated as if I was "bothering" them. My grandma's IV was really bothering her and I asked them to come check it, we waited 4 hours and they never even came to look at it until they took it out when we were leaving. It started bleeding everywhere and the nurse blamed her for bumping it and was very rude about it. I was very relieved to get my grandma out of that hospital. I wouldnt recommend going there. (9 months ago)

E.R visit something like this... (4 weeks ago)

My Mother, Martha Lafleur, has been here for two weeks of Rehab after a bad infection. The Staff in the Rehab Unit have been absolutely fantastic.Oushed her to get better and treated her with Loving care. She is 89 years old and still going strong thanks to them. Thank you all. (a year ago)

My name is Carolyn Tate and I took my husband to the ER at this hospital and he was the only person there at the time. I took him in to have ex rays of his hand and back from where he had fell that day and injured both. After taking ex rays , they gave him 4 shots, 2 muscle relaxers, a steroid, and some Advil and then sent him home. They did not even do a MRI on him to see if he had a disk that was messed up or anything else. You can't see if anything is truly wrong with the back on just regular ex rays. You have to have a MRI or CAT scan to see if there is truly any damage done to the back They did not even send anything home with him but some Advil that we had at home and told him to take Tylenol with it. They did not send anything else home with him at all. He was treated like a drug addict and this was the first time he had ever been to this hospital. This makes no since what so ever. First of all my husband is not a drug addict and he would not even go to the hospital unless he was truly hurting. This is totally uncalled for. They can't even give you something in the ER stronger than Advil or Tylenol or even send something home with you to help you what so ever. After seeing how he was treated I would never go to this hospital for anything. Because I would be scared that I would die. I have a lot of health issues myself and require strong meds to just get me through one day. And I would not get what I would need here and I would tell everyone else to stay away or find another hospital . And we have only been in this state for 2 weeks. But we will be finding some where else to go and live and we will not be staying in this state because the medical here is not to help you but to peg you as an addict when you really need stronger meds to help with the pain or to even make you feel better. Dr. Angela Mitchell is not a good Dr and does not have your best interest in mind as well as Savoy Medical Center. Because your going to be labeled as an addict even if you have never taken anything in your life . Now he is going to miss a weeks worth of work or longer just to find another Dr that is going to see if there is anything wrong with his back or even worse if he has to have surgery. He can not even walk today after seeing this Dr. and wasting his time on this hospital. Take our advise and go somewhere better or at least will have your best interest in heart, because you will not get either here. (2 years ago)

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