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Main facility in Prairie du Sac, with clinics in Black Earth, Lodi, Plain, and Spring Green. Includes information about other providers it works with, classes offered ...

Sauk Prairie Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sauk County, WI.

Sauk Prairie Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sauk Prairie Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Pretty new facility. Always seem to have students around. I have been cared for by MANY part time nurses there. (Wonder why there aren't more full time) I was just informed they won't take Medicare patients thru 2nd party providers. So all those Docs who pay big bucks to have offices in the hospital to help their patients can't use the surgical facilities if the patient has Medicare. This is not what I would call a community focused attitude. (a month ago)

Went in a day after a fall. My pinky finger was at a 90 degree angle hanging off my hand. I popped it back in place myself but by the second day the pain was unbearable so i decided to get it checked out. After the doctor checked the x-ray i was told it was a sprain. The only suggestion that was made was a splint and ibuprofen. I mentioned that the ibuprofen was not working for the pain and was told there wasn't anything they could do for me. I've had sprains before and this was not a sprain. I would suggest driving into Madison for care. (3 months ago)

I had a rant about your employee alicia bolton but I will save it bc rants are unproductive. All I'm going to say is I have had numerous issues with your employees in the community and how they talk to others. Your in the business of taking care of a community then why are some of your employees so disrespectful towards others, bc of this I would rather drive to baraboo having an asthma attack just saying. Your employees like officers should be held to a higher code bc you are serving the community not the other way around. Dont have your employees talk to others like they aren't even good enough to be the gum on their shoes. Thanks for reading. (a month ago)

Emergency department is the worst ever. Its to bad when Drs let their ego get in the way of patient care. When you try and talk with the admin, they cant admit to themselves things arent how they see it. I suggest going to madison. (2 months ago)

The ER staff (many who still work here) saved my life in 2015. Dr. Youngren stabilized me and accurately diagnosed me with myocarditus and urgently sent me to cardiology at UW. The nurses, two Susans, and tech Drew, were constantly moving and doing what they could to make me more comfortable. Got to UW and the diagnosis was confirmed by cardiology. The tests that followed spotted some other issues that were taken care of as well, that would have been lethal in a short amount of time. Most small towns in Wisconsin have to drive a half hour to the nearest emergency room. We are blessed in the Sauk Prairie Area to have a place to go that can stabilize a patient, accurately diagnose the situation, and get the appropriate action to remedy. The foresight of the Sauk Prairie community to have this available is exceptional. I would trust the staff of this hospital anyday with my life. (3 months ago)

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