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Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Sartori Memorial Hospital is a 100-bed, full service hospital providing acute, subacute, ...

Sartori Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Black Hawk County, IA.

Sartori Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sartori Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My father in law has been here for 6 days so far. We visited for 7 hrs one day. His nurse rarely, if ever, checked in on him. Mind you, we were in the ICU! I checked in on HER, she was on her cell phone at the nurses station for at least 5 of those hours. So was the other nurse, when she wasn't napping. Most of the staff on floor 3 seemed distant and unfriendly. So much UNPROFESSIONALISM on display. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone (3 months ago)

When in this severe head pain and it took almost two hours for my doctor to see me. The Nurse was completely snobby and rude. I couldn’t talk because my head was so scrambled and my girlfriend was trying to explain what was going on and the Nurse would just blow her off and ask me the same question I was too disoriented to say and they would proceed to get upset with me when I wouldn’t make any sense. I could hear the doctor outside my room laughing and joking with his friends for a good hour while I was screaming for something to take the pain away. Finally the Nurse came back in with a set of three shots and asked me if I wanted them in the arm or a cheek I point to my arm and she proceeded to pull my pants down stick me in my left butt cheek (felt very violated).. The lady who gave me my cat scan was very nice and understanding! But the Nurse and the Doctor were very unprofessional. I already feel sorry for anyone who has to go to them for medical help because this is not the place to go. (The Star givin is for the Cat Scan Lady!) (7 months ago)

Absolute worst hospital experience I've ever had and it was my first visit with them. I was brought to ER by ambulance and a nurse, BRENT NELSON, is the main reason I'll be making formal complaints and won't return. I was non-responsive because of weakness and he was yelling about two inches from my face, repeatedly accused me of using meth and even called me a druggie, when they attempted to put a tube in my nose and the pain woke me up he exclaimed I was faking. It took another nurse informing him that I had ADHD meds prescribed to me to get him to let go of the idea that I was a druggie (fun fact: I've never used drugs). His physical handling of me was aggressive; I have bruises and feel my boundaries were violated. I was later transferred to ICU where I genuinely felt like nobody listened to me at all. I'll be getting 2nd opinions at a hospital that actually cares about their patients. This was a nightmare for me. Go anywhere else for care. (4 months ago)

I was refused help for my back spasms here. I went to Allen Unity Point Hospital in Waterloo. There they gave me Flexeril for my back, and did an MRI. I suggest that people go to Allen Hospital. (4 months ago)

Nurses were very nice and helpful but the rest of the staff was very rude and inconsiderate. HORRIBLE experience. 0/5 stars PASS on this hospital!!!! (4 months ago)

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