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Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is a 129-bed, not-for-profit, regional hospital centrally located in East Central Illinois' Coles County.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Coles County, IL.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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My wife and I have had several experiences of the past few years with Sarah Bush. Most of the staff is friendly and I don't mean to give them a poor review, my one star review is for their insane prices that they charge for procedures. Thousands of dollars for a MRI, hundreds of dollars for blood work, $100 to see a doctor about a simple issue, and the most recent example would be my minor surgery I had several months ago. Surgery only took about 15 minutes but the charges were close to $15,000!!!! They charge several thousand dollars just to use the operating room, several thousand for the"recovery room", just a bed to sleep in until the anesthesia wears off, the doc charged almost $2K for a few minute procedure. Finally, to give a perfect example of what I'm talking about I will tell you that the surgery I had was to remove a testicle and when I received the itemized bill I noticed that they charged $70 for a jock strap I had to wear after the surgery!! I could've purchased one at Wal-Mart for $10. SBLH is a perfect example of why my wife and I as well as many other people that I know of put off going to the doctor or hospital. Cannot afford treatment. Thieving crooks is what they are and I don't know how the people who set the charges for services can even sleep at night. (4 weeks ago)

I was staying in a Rehabilition center and had a lab drawn in the facility that was sent over to Sarah Bush. I was unemployed and covered by Medicaid at the time, which is how I was able to be treated at the rehab center in the first place. Fast forward 8 months and a collection agency is after me for a bill I never received (or should have received in the first place). I call to figure out why this bill exists and why I was just now hearing about it only to find out that they had an address listed from when I attended Eastern Illinois University 5 years prior. Not only did they only have my EIU insurance on file, but they had been sending mail to an address that no longer exists. One thing that hasn’t changed is my phone number, which I never received a call for. What hospital doesn’t verify addresses and insurance is beyond me. Since I am past Timely Filing, their course of action is to have me apply for financial assistance with my current employment status. With how things are being handled so far, I am guessing that I will not qualify and they will be expecting payment for their incompetency. An absolute joke of an organization that should own up to their own errors. Avoid this low-tier hospital if at all possible. (3 months ago)

do not even want to give this hospital one star. Absolutely horrible care due to Religious discrimination on a constitutional level. I was bullied by Doctors and nurses about my right to opt out of a synthetic vitamin k injection they tried forcing on my healthy newborn. They reported me for medical neglect for raising concern about the chemicals in this injection and i had to deal with CPS for 2 months. Carle hospital is Not doing this! I would direct EVERYONE to seek different care and avoid SBL at all cost. (a month ago)

Took my 1yo to the ER at 2am with a 103 degree fever. Waited over and hour to get into a room when no other people were in the waiting area. Finally got into a room, no one checked her ears to see if she had an ear infection, or listened to her breathing which was raspy. After 3 hours of sitting in a room clearly meant for prisoners (pull down gate blocking supply area, security camera in the corner, no tv, light switch outside etc.) I was informed there was only one doctor on the clock in the emergency room when we'd seen at least two others hanging out in the office area on their phones. I wish we'd driven the 40 mins to Champaign because we honestly would probably have been seen sooner, and received more professional help. (3 months ago)

Thank you, Sarah Bush Lincoln for telling me at the 11th hour that my psychiatrist is no longer with your practice! Thank you for also not allowing me to schedule an appointment with any of your other psychiatrists! Thank you for not allowing me to even use your telemedicine psychiatrists!! Oh, and this one is my favorite; thank you for sending my refill request to a psychiatrist who hasn't ever seen me who made a decision to COMPLETELY STOP MY MEDICATION because he "feels" it wasn't a good prescription. Wow, I can't even begin to express how this makes me feel as a patient who used to trust in your care. I can't wait to speak with your Director because I'm sure he/she will completely understand my point-of-view. #sarahbushlincoln #medicalcare #sarahbush #psychiatry (2 months ago)

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