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MILTON, FL 32570

Santa Rosa Medical Center. Santa Rosa Medical Center is a full-service 129-bed modern hospital facility with an excellent emergency room. Located in Milton, FL, the ...

Santa Rosa Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Santa Rosa County, FL.

Santa Rosa Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Santa Rosa Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I have been ti this hospital as a patient twice now, both times coming into the emergency room. The first instance was for a bad burn on my left hand and due to the nature and severity of the burn, I was sent to Mobile because their burn clinic is better equipped. The second time was this January. I went in with extreme pain and high grade fever that persisted. They came to the car to wheel me into the building because I could no walk. I was given great care and they explained everything that was going on the whole way through. I was admitted and stayed in the hospital for about a week, having surgery while I was there. There were a few complications, but nothing major and nothing out of the ordinary when in the hospital for an extended stay and you are having IV antibiotics the entire time. The nursing staff is wonderful as are the team of doctors. I hear people talk bad about this hospital pretty regularly, but I have to say that I have had much better experiences here than any other hospital in the area except West Florida Hospital. (a month ago)

I went in to the ER in January of 2017 with stomach pain, constipation for days, and feeling like I was going to vomit. We checked in before 6 AM and we were out of there by 7. The doctor came into the room asked what was wrong and then said “go to Walgreens and get a Fleet enema kit. If that doesn’t work, come back in 12 hours when I start my next shift.” So we left. Upon check out I told the receptionist I was worried about the bill as I have a high deductible. She said “they didn’t do anything so it shouldn’t be too bad.” I received a bill in the mail about a month later for $1,200 plus. I called them and said this can’t be correct they literally did nothing. Upon further review of my bill I was charged an additional fee for the time of day I went to the ER. 🤔 isn’t that why the ER is there? To go to when you’re regular doctor isn’t available? Why are they charging an extra amount because I went in between 12-6 AM? That’s ludicrous! After about 3 weeks I received another bill this time for $795. I called again and said this still can’t be right. The woman I spoke to told me, “We already have you a $400 discount.” Now, I work in a doctor’s office and I handle claims and insurance issues. I told her that was NOT a discount from the hospital but it was their contractual obligation with the insurance company. I also again stated the services rendered that day did not warrant those type of charges. I told her the doctor did not take my vitals, listen to my stomach, heart, chest, check for a fever, she didn’t even put gloves on. I also said I wanted to speak with someone about the entire situation. She took my info and said someone would call me back. Well here we are 14 months later and STILL nobody has returned my call. I’ve called asking for supervisors, department heads, and finally administration. Nobody ever calls back. So after over a year of arguing with them about this, they sent a process server to my house to serve me a court summons. They are suing me for the $795! Who does that? I again tried to the hospital and get answers but now all they say is we don’t have access to any of that information because it’s in collections. On a separate visit prior to this, I ended up walking out of the ER after a rude female PA said there was nothing she was going to do for me when I had hurt hip working out. I told her I felt it pop, and it was tingly, numb and felt like my leg was going to give out. I asked for X-rays or MRI or something to see what was going on. She said no to everything. So I left. Go to my car and called the ER supervisor. They said they would look into it and call me back, but to this day I still haven’t heard anything. For 6 days after this I could hardly walk without using a cart at the store, or help from someone because I felt like I was going to fall. You literally can’t win at this poor excuse for a hospital. I will never go back! (3 weeks ago)

One of my best friends doesn't deserve to be here. He didn't do anything wrong. His step-dad lied on him. Of course, the male nurses who work here are too naive that they'd even believe a false report smh shame on YOU ALL (a week ago)


I had out patient surgery there. Everyone was so so nice . The nurses , the anesthesiologist and the anesthesiologist nurse were so attentive and accommodating. It was the best surgical experience I have ever had and I am a big pain in the butt chicken. My doctor was amazing !! (3 months ago)

Absolutely horrible. Two nurses were arguing about another patient while in the room, neglected to get correct medication, and had an attitude when taking vitals. Third visit and still they know nothing. Never returning. I've heard other patients say, "if you don't want to make it, go to santa rosa." Well I believe it. (4 weeks ago)

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