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Photo: UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

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1250 16TH STREET

News UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica Achieves Certification as a Primary Stroke Center. The distinction recognizes centers that follow proven best practices for ...

Santa Monica - Ucla Med Ctr & Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Santa Monica - Ucla Med Ctr & Orthopaedic Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Santa Monica - Ucla Med Ctr & Orthopaedic Hospital is a government - state hospital.

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I give UCLA Santa Monica 5 Stars because their staff treats you with respect and dignity. I was hospitalized about 2 months ago for a kidney surgery. All Nurses were so kind to me I have no words to thank the whole team at the 4th Floor ( and I don’t remember which wing) but they were all amazing!!! Super happy with the doctors and nurses💝 (a week ago)

Ignored by night staff. Doctor had one plan of treatment and changed it and would not communicate with me as to the change. They released me with the minimum care required and I was experiencing pain in different area and I was advised that they checked me in for a different reason and that is all that they need to address. Room bathroom floor was not clean. A very concerning issue, is that I believe that they have hidden smoke detector cameras in patient rooms, at least mine seemed to have it. I had an in room ultrasound of private anatomy only to notice later that there was a hidden smoke detector camera in the room. They should at least tell patients, so they can make sure they are not changing or being exposed in the room! Wonder if anyone else noticed this while being hospitalized there. (2 months ago)

I was ran over by a police car while sleeping on Santa Monica beach after a neutral milk hotel show I had hitchhiked to see from Oregon. Without a cell phone I screamed for help, then passed out. Next thing I know I am waking up inside a hospital still screaming with a new scar but alive. I am probably a slightly difficult patient but UCLA gave me the best care in the world and I thank them for that. (2 weeks ago)

My husband was airlifted from Las Vegas to this hospital. The ICU nurses were great but my husband was bumped from a needed procedure two days in a row. He was not allowed to eat or drink for two days and the lack of communication from his doctor made for a poor experience. Dr. Smith, the ICU doctor basically said that my husband was an add on and other people coming in from out of town that had scheduled procedures took precedence. Dr. Oh, my husbands pulmonologist never communicated the change in schedule and the ICU nurses kept checking on the OR status or we never would have been told anything. We would never return to this hospital. (2 months ago)

Man oh man...the only reason Im even ok giving one star, is because the original people were very helpful in my situation... I was in the middle of switching doctors due to new insurance, and I came to them after being off my meds for 2 days. They gave me a 5 day supply. 7 Days later, i had to go back for another small extension...this time written for 10 days.. Then, this time i have been off 2 days again but finally saw a doctor and got a prescription. Went to fill it, but the UCLA ER doctor had written it as 1pill 3x instead of 2pills 3x...therefore, it is too early to fill. Blantent neglagence to prescribe a medication, but write it for half the dose, and NOT tell the patient u decided to cut his dose in half...then I found out that the first time, it was written for 1pill 3x as well...why they wrote them this way, i dont know...They were fully aware of the dose I take. Im sure it is in my intake files. If they werent aware, they would have questioned me coming back after 8 days, saying i had been out for two days again... No place is going to do that. So, they knew my dose, yet wrote it wrong twice without ever telling me...THEN, I call to get it resolved..and after being passed through 4 people and then talked to like a criminal, in a super condescending tone!! I was put on hold for 30minutes...she finally comes back and basically says sorry about your luck and accused me of taking my pills too fast..keep in mind, this is NOT a narcotic, but it does have negative effects when not taken.... I have never been screwed like that then told basically "well, too bad".. unbelievable!! Im filing as many complaints as i can on every website i can...and then tomorrow, im calling a lawyer. Thanks for screwing me over UCLA Med in Santa Monica.. Im miserable and it is on your staff!! Im not a doctor...Its not an ERs job to change a dose of a patient. But if they do, at LEAST tell the patient!!! (a month ago)

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