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SAN JOSE, CA 95128

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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Santa Clara County, CA.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Do everything you can NOT to go to ICU there. My boyfriend died there, the doctors were great. The NURSES----charge nurses---absolute bullies. Watch out for them...have the customer service at the hospital be your ally if you have to go there. DO NOT PUT UP with BULLY NURSES! Whatever you do. The whole experience 2 months ago traumatized our entire family. I will repeat: either do not go there if you have to be in ICU or your family member does. The Nurses in Charge are terrible! The regular nurses under their charge are wonderful. But the Charge nurses made our 5 days there a living hell. My boyfriend was a donor, so we needed to have him stay until the donor network could remove his body. Therefore he was still hooked up to machines and we still felt that his spirit was there. But during the 5 days we were there, we were constantly harassed by charge nurses. The rules change with every charge nurse."Yes, the 4 of you can be by your dying loved one at the same time" Second nurse: "What are you doing? You can't all come in here at the same time." Depending on the nurses EGO you can all come in and be by the side of your loved one while they are taking their dying breath. OR if you're unlucky (which I guarantee you will be if you stay there more than one day) Your emotions will be like a yo-yo even more so because the charge nurse will be watching your every move! And if you complain in front of anyone in ICU, you have the entire group of nurses mad dogging you from there desks is the center of ICU. As if having you loved one dying in front of you isn't traumatic enough. Depending on the EGO of the Charge nurse. Don't take any chances. DO NOT go to Santa Clara Valley Medical. DO NOT let your loved one near the place. Believe me, they'll clean up their act for awhile and then the nurses will begin the bullying and harassing once again. If you absolutely must be there or find yourself there because of a loved one; the SECOND you get a nurse bully go right to the Customer care unit and complain. Get someone on your side. Tell the doctors, they will go to bat for you. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let the nurses bully you. (3 months ago)

Do not recommend anyone to visit this hospital. My daughter just did X-ray and the doctor informed us that they cannot do anything for her and her solder will heal normally. Then finally we found the bill is more than $2500 for nothing. (a month ago)

The expected cost for a visit to the ER was $500, 15 minutes meeting with doctor consult and the doctors bill is over $1000. Totally outrageous. Yesterday talked with the med insurance company, they paid Valley Med and our cost is a little over $200, a lot more reasonable. Now I have to get Valley Med to correct their accounting error. Any insurance for the pain that's going to cause? (2 months ago)

Seriously good service. Not busy, doctor was proactive (they never are) and nurse and both receptionist were ever so kind and accommodating. I was pleasantly surprised. (3 weeks ago)

Not saying it was a horrible experience, but in honor of providing honest feedback, I just thought they could have been more pleasant. I guess in a service oriented business of being at a law firm, you come to realize that whether it's a paralegal, a nurse, or a receptionist, doctor or lawyer, each person has the option of becoming jaded and just acting like you tolerate your job and you tolerate the patients or clients whom you are paid to serve. It seems that about 9/10 of the people I met at this hospital seemed to be the type who just show up to their job and I'm grateful that they do. But it seems to me that they would enjoy their job more if they put that extra effort into it and made me believe as a patient that they also cared about me and not just their paycheck. I know days are long, and once again, I can't stress that I am grateful for the service provided and also that is why I gave a 3 star and not a 1 or a 2. But I feel like with even small amounts of effort they could be worthy of a 4 or 5 star rating. There--I'm off my soap box. Again thank you to the couple staff members who were friendly. To the rest, I wish you more happiness and fulfillment in your jobs that it appeared that I was witnessing... (6 months ago)

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