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222 W 39TH AVE, SAN MATEO, CA 94403
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222 W 39TH AVE

Everyone is welcome at San Mateo Medical Center. Can anyone get care at your clinic? We provide care to anyone living in San Mateo County, no matter their immigration ...

San Mateo Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Mateo County, CA.

San Mateo Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

San Mateo Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Having back and hip pain that has progressed to job hindering this week I’ve been very distraught and in pain. Though I was treated by a primary care doctor and have been pointed to physical therapy I am very disappointed in the lack of empathy, the lack of questions regarding the pain, any compassion. The doctor was minimizing the issue I was having and did not seem interested at all with what I was going through. Even putting in my chart acute back pain when clearly it’s progressed further or I wouldn’t be here. Coming to a doctor should be relieving and confident in the care you receive that it will help your issue I left the office in tears and with robotic answers of people just trying to do their job and not actually stopping their script to understand the patient this was not a pleasant experience. (a month ago)

This placed saved me from the worst cough i ever experienced ! I had a cough that was really bad for 2 weeks i couldn't sleep and I had really bad mucus coming up it was horrible i was diagnosed bronchitis and they helped right away in the ER , the nurse that helped me was really funny gave me great advice to change my health for my child since i have high blood pressure and she wants me to enjoy being active and there for my child , the doctor was really nice he was very informative ,gave me good advice to get rid of sickness and gave me medicine to get better . the wait time isnt so bad but it is the ER it'll take some time to get final diagnoses and such . thank you san mateo medical center and the nurse and doctor who saw me ❤ (a month ago)

I'm pregnant in 38 week and I was left to wait 1 hour to my appointment and when I asked why only I wait and everyone else who came after me are in , I was told that I need to wait until their break ends and probably someone will be able to see me. I received 3 reminders about this appointment 2 days ahead and at the same time couldn't get in to be seen by the doctor on time. I was asked to wait one more hour. So I left. I felt absolutely discriminated and left in my condition without any explanation why I was not seen by my new doctor. The 2 times befor I saw her and also was left to wait for over 40 min. Also she wanted me to do some tests , but the way she asked was scary and I really felt like my baby is not well. This was also not professional. The results was fine. Also the Doctor asked me to do a glucose test for one hour just to tell me after that that I have to do the most accurate one for 3 hours while fasting.... I really do not understand why I had to do it while not fasting since it was not accurate. I felt stupid to agree without checking first. One star for my experience! (9 months ago)

San Mateo Medical Center has earned my Zero Star Rating for the treatment of my brother. Way Togo San Mateo Medical Center Here was my laundry list of concerns: Hospital Issues 1. Cleanliness of the hospital A. Patient room since admission has never been sanitize appropriately Floors never been bleach out. When a patient is walking into a shared bathroom that is full of Feces and Pee on the floor then walking on those unsanitized conditions and transmitting such germs and or viruses into the patients injured foot and room as well and any other areas that patient maybe walking through. B. When is mandatory for visitors to wear masks while in patients room however nurses with a cough are in the room coughing over patient's "open wound" without a mask. C. Students of the nursing department visiting room that it's mandatory to have mask and or other protective gear walking in room totally unprotected. 2. Nursing Care A. When Informing nurses of low blood sugar to a dangerous zone, then we are impose with a medical question as to why our sugar is low? Instead of treating the immediate threat and convey the information to the doctor in charge. We are patient not a treating physician. B. Doctor advised one way to care of patient foot and nurse provides a different way of care. And example the way they clean up the food doctor says do it one way explain to a head nurse but then their follow-up is done completely differently C. Food servers coughing into patients foods without a mask D. Nurse Going into personal belongings without patient consent confiscating already ordered diabetic test strips allegedly supposed to use 4 per day but doctor had order more to watch sugar very close. Diabetic guidelines require 7 testing per day, especially when your sugar is inconsistent. "The symptoms of severe low blood sugar develops when level of blood sugar drops below 35-40mg/dL. And then begin seizures or convolusions. Prolonged severe hypoglycemia can cause insulin shock, irreversible brain damage and heart problems, particularly in people who have coronary artery disease. If left untreated, it can be very dangerous, resulting in coma or even death." E. Nurses night time are chatting personal events thus not allowed patient to sleep 3. Doctor problems A. I'm questioning doctor's competency when treating patient with insulin knowing that his sugar goes super low to a coma stage and he's ordering to pump extra insulin units. Patients feel that they have to look out of every move this medical professionals are doing so patient can stay alive. 4. Social Workers A. Been promising set of specializing shoes that have never being materialized. B. Not been providing information of what he is doing with patient disability claim. C. Housing not available only empty premises no progress reports. 5. Privacy concerns in share rooms when doctors, social workers and other staff asking sensitive information. (Everyone can hear it “A Total Violation of HIPA” 6. Alergies tag not provided to patient when patient is allergic to shorten medicines. (6 months ago)

ER wait time 6 hours 1 doctor 100 patients , don't go die better at home (6 months ago)

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