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13855 E 14TH STREET, SAN LEANDRO, CA 94578
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13855 E 14TH STREET

San Leandro Hospital is a proud member of the Alameda Health System (AHS) family. The hospital is a 93-bed facility in central Alameda County. San Leandro Hospital ...

San Leandro Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Alameda County, CA.

San Leandro Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

San Leandro Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Today has been a day. We brought my aunt in at 3pm today with lower abdomen pain very severe. We waited from 3pm to 7:30 pm to be brought to a room in emergency and as of 1:20am we are still waiting for test results. My aunt had emergency surgery on Christmas eve of 2017 with obstruction to the bowel, she had major surgery and was in ICU for 7 day's. Now she is coming back with the same pain you would think it would be taken seriously. I can not believe how bad this is going right now. (a week ago)

I was on my way to San Francisco when my pregnant wife got really sick, so we went to the closest hospital which was this one. When we arrived, there was a security guard there and told us to fill some papers out. Shortly they called us to register my wife, the clerk there was nice and easy to work with. Moments later they called us in to ask some questions by what I believe is an RN nurse she was really nice and helpful through out the process!. They then gave us a room, did an ultrasound and was greeted by a dr who was extremely helpful and nice. I don’t hope to be back at a hospital soon but if I do I would definitely be going back! (4 months ago)

This is one of the best hospitals in Oakland California every time I visited I was tooken care of. My grandmother who has passed away was a patient there outpatient inpatient for 20 years and they took good care of my grandmother. Thank you San Leandro Hospital staff you are wonderful and God bless you. (4 months ago)

We arrived at the hospital at 10:30 pm and didn't get seen until 1 am. and didn't leave until 6 am. My granddaughter is only 1 years old, sick with fever and very irritated the staff had no compassion and they were rude. We overheard the nurse say that she didn't want to take her tempter again and that's when we decided to leave. Never again will I or any of my family go to back to this hospital. (in the last week)

The registration people were yelling at patients, very rude. Seemed very angry. If you don’t like your job then get a new one, seem like they couldn’t control their temper (a week ago)

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