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San Joaquin General Hospital's friendly staff is committed to creating a warm and personal environment which is sensitive to both a patient's emotional nd physical needs.

San Joaquin General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Joaquin County, CA.

San Joaquin General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

San Joaquin General Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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They have cancelled my appointments several times and I have a very serious debilitating disorder that requires doctors attention every month. Also I have asked for referrals to specialists who can help me several times and never received them. I want to speak to someone higher up the ladder who will take my medical care with importance. They treat me as if I were invisible. Iam very upset with this hospital and all the doctors and nurses and how they just try to pass the buck to someone else. The only good thing that came out of this is a very helpful rep who works in the clinic patient services named Adrianna Martinez. This lady helped me today get a new appointment with a new doctor right away. Because I shouldn't have to wait 2 or 3 months to see a doctor, I need to see one every month. So thank you so very much Adrianna Martinez you are an angel. Thanks.... (in the last week)

I was at clinic 1 , receptionists were horrible. Was standing in line and they were gossiping, no responsibility, after 1 hour of sitting I went back to the reception and told me doctor is not here. Wasted my 1 and half hour (3 weeks ago)

Best hospital I’ve ever been to in my life. I walked in the door, they took me straight to the back, gave me my prescription and I went on my way. I thought I’d be waiting all day but it literally took less than an hour. Service was great to. I’m shocked Stockton. (5 months ago)

I also want to say I had a relative do an very highly risky surgery there and the Hospital staff was 100% PERFECT! They allowed me to stay in the room with the patient due to difficult situations and this was very very appreciated! I am so thankful to SJCH! I have been to SJCH many times and generally all are friendly but the General Practice Medical Doctors seem very very very tight on seeing patients. Several times had issues with lack of personal time or pushing off my symptoms which concerned me immensely. I had seen three MD thus far and was not really happy with any of them, but the absolute worst if an Asian MD female, Dr. Lee. Look see below more people complain about her. Call the hospital to complain about her so they will fire her. Will write more later. (5 months ago)

I was taken to the emergency room by my husband on Feb.13, 2018. I have Cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and all the associated organ damage. Their clinic NP had dismissed me as a patient because he said "Your illnesses are too complex for me to treat." This left me with no doctor for a month. I was having what is known as a "dystonia storm" for four hours. This is described as having severe muscle contractions in parts of your body (mine are all over my body) that leaves you in severe pain, disoriented, and ill. I waited for two hours to see a Dr. By the time I got to the hosp. my dystonia had subsided. This is a neurological emergency. Finally, a person who only identified himself as a "provider" came to see me, and began to grill me about my medications. I take one 15 mg morphine 3x daily. This is the lowest dose of morphine you can be prescribed. He was also hyped up because I take clonaszepam for seizures. He suggested that I came to the hospital "drug seeking." He was rude, dismissive, suspicious, and impossible to reason with. They did no blood work, no examination, no medical history, nothing. He refused to give me nothing but solumedrol for my condition only after I requested it. I then asked to see the Dr. as he was only a PA. My husband found him down the hall and begged and pleaded with him to also give me some pain relief. Eventually the Dr. showed. She seemed reasonable and sympathetic and told me she would treat my symptoms, asking me what hospitals had done in the past. Obviously none of these providers knew what dystonia was. I was questioned about everything, including why I had driven to their hosp. when I could have gone to a closer hospital. My husband told me we had gone to two others who were backed up out the door registering patients. I had been establishing care with their hosp./clinic. That very day I had seen a cardiologist there. They told me I was on a "huge" dose of morphine. The doctor prescribed one 10mg. dexamethazone, 1 mg of adavan, one 15 mg of morphine (which I have at home). This was the very lowest amount of these meds. they could have given me, and sent me home. They refused to see if I had an infection, if I was dehydrated, or if any other process was occurring. I was treated as if I was a drug addict. Dystonia storms can cause death. This was a serious breach of care. The treatment for dystonia storms is a high dosage IV of morphine, and adavan. Along with it you are often given a large dose of solumedrol pushed IV. You can look at any website to get this information. In the past, every other hospital had treated me this way. The doctor refused to start an IV of fluids because she said the risk of putting in an IV was too great. Twice in the past, when I had dystonia I was found to have septic shock. That is why blood tests are necessary. I am always checked for dehydration as a week of dystonia can leave you dehydrated and I have kidney failure. This narcotic "hysteria" caused these supposed professionals to under treat me. I could have gone home and died. This is serious. I may have to back someday for treatment, but at this point I am willing to suffer at home, and neglect treatment for my diseases. I am 64 years old, wheelchair bound, and am losing hope of ever finding any Doctor anywhere, especially here who who has knowledge regarding rare diseases, and the treatment of pain. My life has become unbearable, with pain, depression, and distrust of the medical profession. I should also mention that I have a degree from Chico State U. in paralegalism, and a BS degree in psychology. I have two other lessor degrees from colleges. One in law, one in psychology. I am not an ignorant Kook. I will be looking into the legal ramifications of the treatment I received here. (3 months ago)

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