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San Joaquin General Hospital's friendly staff is committed to creating a warm and personal environment which is sensitive to both a patient's emotional nd physical needs.

San Joaquin General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Joaquin County, CA.

San Joaquin General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

San Joaquin General Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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I’ve had a few bad experiences at this hospital. The staff lack experience and professionalism. On my first bad experience they didn’t care for my mother or brother throughout the birth experience. They almost caused the death of him by not properly caring/checking up on him and then after numerous times of asking for help they had to rush him to the children’s hospital in SF because he was on the verge of death. My second bad experience was during my fathers surgery. The young male physician who spoke to us was highly unprofessional and rude. I also asked for a doctors note for work to care for my father while he was recovering and he completely disregarded me and even dared to say that his wife was in the same profession so he refused to provide me with a letter stating my fathers condition. This hospital has had a terrible reputation and continues to due to their lack of empathy, experience, and professionalism. (a week ago)

They have cancelled my appointments several times and I have a very serious debilitating disorder that requires doctors attention every month. Also I have asked for referrals to specialists who can help me several times and never received them. I want to speak to someone higher up the ladder who will take my medical care with importance. They treat me as if I were invisible. Iam very upset with this hospital and all the doctors and nurses and how they just try to pass the buck to someone else. The only good thing that came out of this is a very helpful rep who works in the clinic patient services named Adrianna Martinez. This lady helped me today get a new appointment with a new doctor right away. Because I shouldn't have to wait 2 or 3 months to see a doctor, I need to see one every month. So thank you so very much Adrianna Martinez you are an angel. Thanks.... (a month ago)

Two stars because the nurse taking care of my mom was good, but overall, take me out back and shoot me first before taking me there. Mom came by ambulance here against my wishes. I wanted her taken to the hospital she normally goes to, Dameron, but the ambulance drivers REFUSED. She was a "major trauma" case ... she fell and hit her head, but qualifies because she is on blood thinners. I had to park way out by the clinics because the parking lot for emergency patients is way too small. Because she was a trauma patient, she was not registered, did not sign anything, they just decided to start treating her. Since they didn't register her, the front desk of the hospital where I had to go to find her had no clue she was there even though I watched the ambulance bring her in. I could not go back to where she was because "we can't have people walking around back there" so I went and sat in the urinal ... I mean the waiting room. Seriously, I have been in GAS STATION restrooms that smelled better than the waiting room. They kept calling families by the patient's name, a BLATANT HIPAA VIOLATION. By the time I finally was able to get to see mom she was ready to go home. The trauma area she was in had curtains between patients. We could hear everything going on, all the moans, screams, etc. A doctor pulled up mom's test results ... wait, that isn't her name, and I was reviewing someone else's CT Scan. REALLY????? This place was SCARY! (a month ago)

I was at clinic 1 , receptionists were horrible. Was standing in line and they were gossiping, no responsibility, after 1 hour of sitting I went back to the reception and told me doctor is not here. Wasted my 1 and half hour (2 months ago)

Best hospital I’ve ever been to in my life. I walked in the door, they took me straight to the back, gave me my prescription and I went on my way. I thought I’d be waiting all day but it literally took less than an hour. Service was great to. I’m shocked Stockton. (7 months ago)

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