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San Francisco General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Francisco County, CA.

San Francisco General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

San Francisco General Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Very mixed experiences. Fantastic quick diagnosis of NMO and initial treatment by Neurology dept. Mostly world-class care from doctors and the nurses and other staff over 4 weeks but ... Huge errors were made! Two representatives from patient advocacy a.k.a. the office of patient experience came to my room to receive a grievance, took it, and then failed to file it. They never apologized. The grievance was regarding a horribly botched lung biopsy operation. The expert surgeon who obtained my blatantly misinformed consent lied to me. He didn’t do the surgery; a doctor in training did and she was poorly supervised (I heard it) and screwed up, causing my lung to collapse (!) and I was in HORRIFIC pain which they didn’t treat for HOURS because they felt the need to consult with the on-call neurologist, who didn’t respond to an urgent page. I was left ALONE in the OR in unbearable pain. Surgeon did apologize! (months later) Days later, staff also made 4 medical errors dispensing painkillers which fortunately I prevented. They have “advanced” technology to prevent medical errors but it’s buggy as hell; it should have prevented what I prevented just in time. I would put money on it it hasn’t been fixed, based on the way my grievance was handled. Also see my ER review. Richard Fine/1M clinic is GREAT. (3 weeks ago)

Avoid hospital at all costs - one of the most expensive ER in the city, will tell you they take your insurance but generally out of network. Came here for noro virus, left much poorer. Two stars for the helpful staff, but minus one million stars for unhelpful billing dept (who are at lunch 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm) who generally make it difficult to discover any useful information about your case. Be sure to check if they are trying to balance bill you - charging you more than insurance will pay out - as this can be extra cost. (2 months ago)

Very confusing architecture, total lack of competent staff, also very drab and dreary once you get through the 'Zuckerberg's' new buildings, you find the same SFGH right there. Depressing hospital and one smart investment by The Z man, I mean his name is all over everything. Serious though, bad hospital, don't go. (a month ago)

If you want to die or become disfigured, come to this trauma center. It is one of the most disorganized hospitals I've ever seen. Administrators and surgeons flat out lie in the culture there. I've personally had a very bad experience there (a week ago) and have heard of others. I'm fairly well versed in hospitals and trauma centers as I suffer from an accident that has let to 15 surgeries since July 2017. Some of the staff try to help and soften the insanity. Why Zuckerberg would put his name on this place is baffling. You've been warned, I can do nothing else. (a month ago)

General is a true diamond in the rough, I was brought here completely paralyzed on my right leg, not able to walk and in excruciating pain and I was triaged, roomed, had all my imaging done in less than 4 hours. Final verdict was a ruptured L-5 vertebrae. (in the last week)

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