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Compare Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital in Newport, Oregon to all hospitals based on ratings, evaluations, and more.

Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lincoln County, OR.

Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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THE BEST: The doctor who helped treat me and the guy who worked the front desk late at night. Wish I could've thanked the doctor personally before I was dismissed from the hospital but I only saw him once when he diagnosed me. The nurses (who weren't that one terrible male nurse) were great too. (3 months ago)

Came Into the ER with a throbbing migraine and spent 2 hour in the waiting room while they took In 15 Pacients.that had arrive after me. ginally went back and was diagnoised with a sinus infection. When I went to my doctor a week later, I had pneumonia. Terrible pactient care and Misdiagnosed. (4 months ago)

This review is strictly for my family's visit to the Emergency Room on the night of April 21st, 2017. Both registrars, the nurse, and the Doctor (Dr. Joshua Cook) were AMAZING. Infallible. We have had a negative ER experience before, but they treated our son like gold and addressed our concerns in a timely manner. This is a little, older facility, but it surely is awesome. I'm very grateful for the service and attention we received. (a year ago)

Outstanding staff! I was very impressed we were visiting from out of town and I had to take my son here for strep throat. They roomed us right away the Nurse practitioner we saw had such an amazingly pleasant attitude very sweet lady, I couldn't have asked for a more friendly hospital we were in and out in an hour and they were very busy! I would highly recommend going here if asked. (11 months ago)

In terms of the actual care I received from the midwife, it was wonderful. Everything else seems to be a mess. (1) My first issue was in the lab. First, the guy smelled terribly of cigarettes, which is magnified when pregnant. Then, he got a drop of blood on me BEFORE he drew my blood. He didn't notice until I pointed it out to him. He explained that he had a little cut on his finger that he didn't realize was bleeding. He did clean my arm with an alcohol wipe, but obviously still not a super comfortable situation. I meant to call and speak to somebody about this unsafe situation, but I got busy and eventually it fell off my radar. (2) I showed up for my scheduled prenatal appointment to find a sign on the door that the office was closed due to weather. Nobody bothered to call me about this? When they called the next day to reschedule, I was told they sent an electronic message through the online charting system. That's great, but why would I think to log into that before my appointment? I get a phone call reminder before every appointment to make sure I won't miss my appointment; it only seems fair to offer patients the same courtesy if you're going to cancel. (3) I declined to reschedule that appointment since we are moving out of town, so instead I spoke to somebody in medical records to have my records transferred to my new OB office. I completed, signed, and submitted the records release form. 11 days later, I called my new OB office because I had not heard from them, and I was informed that they never received my records. And so, despite quality care from the midwife, this place gets 2 stars from me because I am sick of dealing with all of the other issues. (a year ago)

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