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TROY, NY 12180

Samaritan Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Rensselaer County, NY.

Samaritan Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Samaritan Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Brought my son in who was dealing with flu complications, we spent 2 hours in the ER waiting room(some people told me they'd been there twice-three times as long) when he started to vomit, staff acted concerned and rushed us back to the ER. Well not so much the "ER" as a corner of the ER with some chairs, a nurse takes vitals says someone will be right with us and leaves. My son can't stand at this point, he also doesn't want to sit so he lays on the floor on top of our coats; multiple staff walk by and see this... a little kid in a hospital gown laying on the floor and no one does anything. Hours go by someone on a stretcher in a hallway gets annoyed and leaves it empty and baby wipe the thing down and put my son in it. Next nurse that goes by gets it, my patience was done and finally he's moved to an ER room, we walked by plenty of empty ones so I don't know why the waiting room was so crowded or why they let my son sleep on the floor. A couple hours go by and they tell us "we don't admit children here we're transferring him to AM". Why they didn't say that from the get go I don't know. Albany Medical was phenomenal and every single person we came across was absolutely professional. I would skip this place and make the drive elsewhere. They are absolutely awful. Also another time we never saw aa doctor just a PA and she seemed like a student as she had to kept checking for info. (a week ago)

DONT GO HERE!! Awful experience. Went into the ER in the early AM with intense throat swelling to the point I could barely breathe. waited for hours, and once I got in, waited for at least two more hours as the doc did no tests and gave me Tylenol. Was sent home with a still ridiculously swollen throat and no answer. Went to a different doc (outside of Samaritan) later that day, and he immediately tested for mono and got me steroids for the swelling, which gave immediate relief. Then I got double billed from Samaritan, got it paid and sorted out, and months later I have collections account from them ruining my credit report. STAY AWAY please!! (2 months ago)

Had an appt scheduled for a heart catherazion at 11 am on 5 / 7 / 18 . Got there at 10:20 at 11:15 nurse tells me Dr. PAPALEO Is not there yet. At 12:20 the nurses finally bring me gets me preped for the procedure. So now l am lying in a bed listening to the nurses and everyone at the desk who are waiting around for Dr.Papaleo to show up and come to find out, he wasn't coming to start any procedures until 2pm !! It's 12:30 !!! So l lay there and wait along with 5 other patients !! Finally at 2:20pm after the Dr decides to show up lm taken in for the procedure ! It takes a 1/2 hr for the procedure !! I then am in recovery for a minimum of 2 hrs. Now at 4 pm this Dr.Papaleo comes in pats me on the shoulder says l did good !! And that he will tell Dr. Ataley what he found !! That it ??!! No sorry l was late ??! Then l find out from the nursing staff of this department that this Dr Papaleo does this to them and the patients who are scheduled for this procedure, every day !!! If the patient is late were threatened with a fine from either the Dr or the hospital, but if the Drs are late that's ok ???!! I better not get a bill from this Dr. If l do l will charge him double for keeping me waiting for 4 hrs past my appt time !! Get your asses and act togeather Samaritan !!! Thus is and was totally uncalled for !!! (2 weeks ago)

I used to like this hospital. USED TO! Now, I am being double billed! I paid off the bill I had and just received a debt collection notice from a law firm! What do they think ppl are made of? Cant believe this POS hospital is double billing me for the WORST experience of my life in their ER! DON'T GO HERE! (2 months ago)

Worst expirance in an ER. Waited for four hours and then an was told it would be another four hours. A child with the flu came in via ambulance and she was vomiting and they made her wait at least 3 hours. I have never had such an unprofessional ER I have ever been. Avoid if you have an actual emergency. This new ER is the worst I've ever expiranced. (3 months ago)

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