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Salinas Valley Memorial Health System has been providing top-quality health services in Monterey County and surrounding areas since 1953.

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monterey County, CA.

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Oh boy, where do I begin... I went in back in 2015 for what might have been diabetic complications. They took forever to get me in, asked if I was testing my blood sugar (sadly, nope, thanks to insurance issues at the time), and once I was checked in they just placed me in a hallway. They put me into one of the ER rooms and without doing any sort of real diagnostics put me on an IV to rehydrate me as my problem was that I was dehydrated supposedly. Didn't check my blood sugar, didn't even do an A1c. Two very basic things you do to a diabetic complaining of what might be diabetic-related complications. Anyway while I was laying there under the IV drip half-naked because they made me put on one of those gowns, they determined that someone needed that room more than I did and kicked me out to some remote hallway that was absolutely frigid. (This was in the middle of winter, mind. Also being on an IV bag sinks your body temperature.) I had to sit there for 2-3 hours on an empty IV bag as medical staff just ignored me entirely. After which they just let me go. No further diagnostics, clean bill of health. Imagine my surprise when about a month later I end up in the hospital again, this time SERIOUSLY ill with ketoacidosis, something that SVMH may have caught if they bothered to even try. Though more recently whenever my girlfriend comes in for a minor respiratory infection they will continually write it off and tell her she's fine but she isn't and it quickly turns into full-blown bronchitis, at which point they're like "OH! NOW something's wrong!" and my girlfriend is hacking up her lungs for the better part of a month when it could have been prevented easily. (6 months ago)

I gave birth to my daughter here and let me tell u something is the best experience I ever had first I was scare but then I feel like In home the rooms are so clean and really nice attention by the nurses and the food!!! Omg they have a menu!! ....yes a menu!!! Like in a restaurant and u can choose what ever u want and taste delicious....I highly recommend this hospital (10 months ago)

You know I've always known SVMH to be a great hospital but lately all I've been hearing is bad reviews just by word of Mouth. In one case my friend went in for symptoms of her face sagging from left side of her face, headache from top of her neck to bottom of her neck and fever. the doctors here sent her home with a fever and no pain medication and said all it was, was a migraine!! Really!! She went to another doctor, he told her she was suffered a stroke. Another case, my nephew has a heart condition. he went with pain and other symptoms. They sent him away saying he had a pulled muscle. Turns out when they took him to Mee Memorial in King City, they actually did blood test and showed he had pneumonia. Now he is being sent to Stanford. Im not sure what's going on with the E.R. doctors, but please pay closer attention to your patients. They are not just a number, they are live human beings. (9 months ago)

If I could, I'd give it 0 stars honestly. The staff lag. They're constantly saying different things. They are not there when you need them. I had to wait over an hour just for my IV TO be taken out so that I could go home after being there for 2 nights. My grandpa also had a stroke waiting in the waiting room , after staff were told he was having the symptoms of it. He is now paralyzed on his entire left side because the staff of memorial ignored him. I've never had such bad experience with a hospital. Honestly, go the extra distance to go somewhere else. (a year ago)

First I'd like to say I'd rather give it a 1, but if I were sent to are alternate Hospital in Salinas I would have to give this a star up... and that is because when you're brought into the ER because this is what it is emergency care. I believe they would know how to deal with a heart attack at least I pray? Now the real reason I have been in this Hospital one time I have never seen patients left in hallways to wait for a room, while I'm watching the staff talk about their personal lives, or joke around amongst each other.. This is a professional place ," I know because I worked in this field before my injury. Now number 2 , for all of you that have gone in with pain on the scale of 1 to 10 end are 8 plus or Worst 10 should be treated immediately as well as any other persona would be treated for what their issues are.... For all of you professional or NOT... let me give you a little education *a bill was passed called (the Pain Act) I f you Do Not know it , Learn IT! NOW... The big insult is to be accused, looked at, or referred to as "a addicted person, a pass addictive person, or a drug seeker! I myself whom have one too many times , never dabbled into street drugs... except in my teenage years which I have tried LSD , and had been laced with dust..(A SCARY N SCARRING EPISODE!!!) Other than this, I am Pro Cannabis That is LEGAL w/Dr. Approval!!! I don't even Drink . And what is so sad they give this assumption do to how you look...( if you've ever been in pain this high and had to call an ambulance I don't think you're going to be putting on a evening gown while you wait ) SADLY Some ignorant staff that do not know how to tell vital signs, because if they did pay attention they would know you are in pain or something is wrong ! (They are called vital signs for a reason!) I used to be vital personnel staff before I could no longer work my field , Due to my injuries. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER ...IT IS INHUMAN!!! Or worse could be a indication of a illness the is SERIOUS or Lead to Future Long term Illnesses! ( I AM ONE OF THIES VICTIMS) PLEASE keep in mind that these issues that I have gone through is not only why I'm giving this post, because I have seen too many other people that I have brought in treated the same or ever seen others sitting in a chair at the hospital suffering, SADLY! My only other issues with the Alternative Hospital...Is there should NEVER be a Job for A Person whom is prejudice in any which way or form . No I did not write this post simply due to my education, or my experiences but I know there are many many of you that have experienced the same as I.. Put your post up.. this is your rights Plus you should be treated humanely , confused?.. look at the walls in the E.R. "there is a HIPAA law posted.. Call ask questions!!!! For Now I seek Help out of County ! (a year ago)

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