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Saint Luke's South Hospital. Overland Park, KS; Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital. Leavenworth, KS; Saint Luke's North Hospital-Barry Road. Kansas City, MO; Hedrick ...

Saint Luke's South Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnson County, KS.

Saint Luke's South Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Saint Luke's South Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Valet service was wonderful. I took a very feeble 90-year-old to a doctor's appointment yesterday morning, and without Danny's help, it would have been very difficult to maneuver her into (and out of) the wheelchair. By watching him, I learned how to handle her mobility in the future. He went above and beyond ... even took us to the elevator and told us how to get to the doctor's office once we were on that floor. Kudos to Danny! (a month ago)

I went to st. Luke’s south cuz I was not feeling well. Tightness in chest, feeling weak, light headed with a high blood pressure. I called my doctor she told me to go to ER. I heard from my nurse friends that st Luke’s is great with women health and any cardiovascular. I went... they checked me in. X-ray and EKG was normal, blood pressure went down a little, they let me go. No blood work nothing. The staff that I dealt with were not thoughtful at all. They did not seem like they care at all. They said ever is normal I am free to go no restrictions. I dress myself and left with no one saying a word. I left very disappointed and not cared for at all. I went back to work still not feeling good. I pushed through! Hey the ER said I was fine cuz two test came back normal. By 5pm that same day I knew something was still not right. I called a nurse told them my symptoms and what happened at st. Luke’s ER. We decided I go to a different ER. By the time I got to that ER my blood pressure was 170. I was light headed etc. That hospital kept me, started an IV cuz they could tell I was dehydrated. They stated the IV in ER before my room was ready. When I was discharged 2 days later I needed to be on blood pressure medicine to stabilize my blood pressure. And by the way, I never had blood pressure problems before this. I am thankful for the 2nd hospital that took the time to get to why I was feeling so terrible. The experience with st. Luke’s makes me sad and disappointed:( (in the last week)

I was scheduled for knee surgery which I need badly. Got the call from surgery dept 8 days before to tell me what meds to stop. I stopped them. Then I rescheduled my life to get some relief from to the hospital, all gowned up bp taken set to go..and the anesetgiologist came in and said I couldn't have it because I didn't stop one of my meds soon enough. She was not friendly or seem like she cared and went on about her business...with her 10 dirty cloth bracelets on. The nurse that was with me was very kind and understanding..thank God. Someone obviously screwed up and it wasn't me. (3 weeks ago)

Twice in 10 days my wife was seen in emergency. 2nd time only 4 days after release from first 3 day stay. Our initial ER and stay 5 stars, our emergency visit the 2nd time a 3 star. (3 months ago)

Horrible ER. Went in for an adverse reaction to a medication which caused difficulty breathing, in over 2 hours time all they did was check my temp and blood pressure. I told them multiple times I'm having trouble breathing. No breathing treatment no oxygen not listening to my lungs NOTHING!! Literally just checked my blood pressure 5 times in close to 3 hours no I.V no being seen by the doctor no help what so ever! Finally after 4 hours of suffering through the adverse reaction of the medicine I felt fine enough to just leave and go home and use an inhaler rather then wait for the sorry excuse of an er to do anything. Wouldn't recommend going here for an emergency to anyone. Can't wait to see the bill for getting my blood pressure checked and temp taken. Have my lawyer take care of it. I left before being seen because when someone is struggling to breathe and you say just a while longer and can't even give them oxygen you're not really trying to help people you're trying to make money and that's it! Hopefully they get their act together but they won't see a dime from me for this ER visit! And it funny because 3 weeks ago I had back surgery there and thought it was great so the main hospital is good but I'll be dead before going back to that ER!!!! (7 months ago)

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