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Saint Clare's Hospital/ Denville Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Morris County, NJ.

Saint Clare's Hospital/ Denville Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Saint Clare's Hospital/ Denville Campus is a proprietary hospital.

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The saving grace of this place are that the CCU / ICU nurses here are excellent despite the administration. They have a tough job and are very caring and understanding. The doctors seem to have no sense of urgency or common sense. My father came here due to complications with pneumonia. They were able to stabilize him but from that point on it's been a nightmare. He hasn't been able to eat and was having trouble swallowing. Nobody was monitoring his intake and was just taking away full plates of food not thinking that is a problem. We came in one day to help him eat and he started choking. The doctors said he had a problem with his trachea operating properly and instead of putting him on a feeding tube they just took his food away and gave him nothing as a substitute. He went days without anything to eat. They put a no solid food sign up and didn't do anything. I had to plead for something to keep his nutrition up. He is just wasting away in a bed not getting better. There are other things that went wrong with his care here and it was largely due to the doctors poor communication with each other. (a month ago)

Truly the best place to have a delivery. The nurses treated me and my baby like family. Such a warm & calm place and the personal rooms were so big, spacious, and clean. But truly the personalize attention the nurses gave use was amazing. Im truly grateful and happy I came to Saint Clares in Denville! (in the last week)

Would love to share my experience but being that I have yet to be picked up by a nurse for my X-ray that I arrived 2 hours ago for itโ€™s a little hard. No one should have to wait 2 hours for any exam in the year 2018, especially when the waiting room is empty smh. Worst experience here ever! (3 weeks ago)

I would give a zero if I could. I delivered my son there. I and my husband's concerns were ignored. I was promised a doctor was coming and no doctor arrived for hours. The nurses were very non-responsive. Terrible place to deliver a baby. (2 months ago)

Finally discharged. I am very satisfied how this hospital cared for me. From the first intake to the ER doc and nurses. To the room and OR then back to the room to recover. Impeccable bedside manners. Love that it's also close to my home . It gives me peace that we have a community hospital that tries to gives it's best. Not easy being sick. It impacts the whole family. The nurses and nurses aides were outstanding and encouraging. I really have no complaints. I never encountered any staff at all who had attitude problems which I had unfortunately experienced in some hospitals. Keep it up Saint Clare's.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Giselle K (5 months ago)

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