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OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is a 250+ bed tertiary care facility on a 100-acre campus on the east side of Rockford, Illinois. The hospital is home to a variety ...

Saint Anthony Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Winnebago County, IL.

Saint Anthony Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Saint Anthony Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Staff was nice, but the wait was ridiculous. I sat in the waiting room for a total of 8 hours! And 6 1/2 of those hours I was left alone with chest pain waiting to talk to a doctor about blood test results. By the end of the wait I spent less than 5 minutes with a doctor. A quick exam was done consisting of listening to my breathing in 3 spots and then telling me my diagnosis and sending me on my way with prescriptions that I can't fill till the morning because they took so long and still in a considerable amount of pain. They told me I would have this pain and shortness of breath which restricts my daily activities, sleeping schedule and work responsibilities for TWO WEEKS while it resolves itself.. I was sent to the ER by my primary care doctor who called ahead to let them know I was coming, with chest pains and shortness of breath. The only time I left the actual ER was to have blood drawn in a triage room (which took 3 different sticks and left me with deep bruises). A ekg was done behind a curtain and I even saw other people having their blood drawn behind the same curtain. I even saw nurses bringing people cups for a urine sample out to them in the waiting room and having them use the public restroom to fill these samples then having the patients leave them on the front desk till a nurse could come back and grab it! It was also so cold in this waiting room that patients and family members alike were asking for blankets to try and keep warm with. Several elderly patients sitting around me were visibly shivering under the blanket(s) wrapped around them! The entire experience was very unsettling. I will not be returning, especially not if I need an emergency room! (in the last week)

I was inpatient and had a felony crime committed against me about a month ago while under their care. Somehow my meds that I had brought with me which included opioid narcotics(over 100 pills) just "up and disappeared". Their exact words. So either they hire incompetent people or thieves. Watch your stuff up there. They ended up replacing all my meds and that's it. No restitution or anything at all. I wish they had negative stars. (in the last week)

Had my daughter at St. Anthony's last weekend. All the nurses who took part of my care in L&D and Postpartum care were wonderful. Very caring and compassionate. I loved that Kim in L&D had over 20 years of experience and one of my favorite nurses was Nicole in postpartum care. She was very sweet and attentive to my needs and the care I wanted for my baby. Martha the lactation consultant was awesome too and very knowledgeable. Thank you ladies! (3 months ago)

If there was a way I could rate this hospital at ZERO I would. I have been to this hospital once before and was give such poor care. The Head Nurse and the CEO of the hospital had to come to me and apologize. Unfortunately, I had to go the ER again in October 2017 and was charged $28,000. They had me so heavily sedated where I couldn't even make decisions for myself and didn't even know I had certain procedures done. They didn't even call my power of attorney. I will never go to this hospital again nor will I recommend anyone go to the hospital. I thought the last incident at this hospital was a one time thing. Apparently not. The CEO should really look into this matter. I accepted his apology the 1st incident. The 2nd incident is just utterly uncalled for. And this has not been resolved. The questions that I had were not answered or all addressed in the letter I received. My case was not reviewed carefully. I was never offered to write my concerns down, rather they took them over the phone and then say they "carefully reviewed them" . I called today and told that rather than discuss this situation with someone higher up, that i should just go ahead and file a lawsuit against the company. WOW! unbelievable. It really sounds like St. Anthony's cares about the problems. (a month ago)

I am very pleased with Yazan Abdalla, MD work on curing my medical issue I had for a week and very pleased how he treated me as a patient by making me feel well again and out of the community and I am very pleased with St Anthony's Medical center they know how care in the community is helpful and professional I THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME AS A PATIENT (a week ago)

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