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FRESNO, CA 93710

Since 1929, Saint Agnes Medical Center has been known for delivering high quality, compassionate care to meet Central California's growing and diverse healthcare needs.

Saint Agnes Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fresno County, CA.

Saint Agnes Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Saint Agnes Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Could it get any slower. Spending time in the military I understand treeoush. 7 hours to see a doc, 7 hours before running any test when you are in pain is not acceptable. Wish I could do less the one star. To add to my review I now have been in the ER long then the staff. (a week ago)

I wish I could give no stars to this hospital. I came here with high hopes and really hoping we got expert and professional medical care for my wife. She is still here as we have waited 6hrs for her to be seen by a doctor! She just got pain meds after being here for 5hrs. I see RNs, Doctors and techs that are chit chatting like they are in high school, I've heard conversations about their wages, relationships and gossip!!! All this while the patients are being parked like cars in the waiting rooms. I ask about her status and no one seems to know. I WILL NEVER RETURN HERE To the owner, please don't give me your generic response, you clearly are doing nothing to address the issues. This hospital needs a sense of urgency for their patients. The morale is dead here and no one seems to care. (a month ago)

My wife were in their emergency room to take ultrasound (problem with pregnancy). They billed us for ultrasound $660.00, Blood test 273.00 and "Emergency room services" $3228.00!!! She just waited on the chair for results of ultrasound! How you guys can explain $3228? I can understand 1000 for doctor's work. Folks never go this place! (2 months ago)

This hospital is Fresno's worst (I've been to Clovis Community, Fresno Community, Valley Children's, Kaiser, Lucille Packard, and Oakland Children's). People still come for treatment because it's supposedly a Catholic based Hospital, Obama Care, Welfare, and for some reason senior citizens like it. Negative: 1. They line up the Emergency backroom like parked cars (People in wheel chairs). 2. The doctors argue or get mad because the other departments are not following orders (I'm hearing this right now as I'm at St. Agnes. The doctor ordered a hip scan the lab didn't do it). 3. The emergency department's drop off parking is horrible. There are concrete barriers that are for stupid drivers, but they can block the passenger side of vehicle. There is are times cars are parked not for unloading, and security is lax. 3. There are NO emergency patient parking close to the Emergency (E.R.) Room entrance. If you are in need of an emergency treatment, and you don't have transportation, and an ambulance is not needed, a patient has to park away from the entrance and drag over to the E.R. 4. I saw a cockroach in the Emergency back room. 5. I work at the welfare building. Waiting at St. Agnes with my 87 year old mom in the ER second back room for results, is like waiting at the welfare building. EXCEPT in the welfare office, security keeps the public under control. Security is weak. Positive: 1. They give you some kind of medical care. If the admin of St. Agnes is reading this, compared to the County of Fresno Security, St. Agnes security is laxed, weak and their professional appearance looks bad. Get rid of the beards, BDUs, and long hair. Make sure they are actively patrolling, and keeping family members and patients in check (while waiting with my 88 year old mother who is truly sick), Some patient is playing Michael Jackson loudly. No staff or security (who should be actively patrolling) has told him to lower the cell phone or hid voice from talking out loud about Michael Jackson. (2 months ago)

We walked in and waited in line to be assessed before being seen. We then witnessed the girl checking people in be completely rude and nasty towards an Asian woman and her father in front of us. The way she spoke to them, her facial expressions, and body language were completely unprofessional and absolutely disgusting. You could hear it in the Asian woman's voice and physically see she was put in an uncomfortable situation by the girl checking them in. When it was our turn the girl completely switched from disgusting to professional. It was like a blatant on and off switch. I'm not one to call racism much but it was pretty clear and obvious in this situation. (a month ago)

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