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Rusk County Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Rusk County, WI.

Rusk County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rusk County Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Rude, not enough staff, wait forever, and the doctors hardly act like they are practitioners. Rather go an hour than die there (a year ago)

I took my 13 month old son in because he was running a high fever. I was told there was no open rooms and it would be awhile. I turned to my boyfriend and said let's go to Rce Lake. Then all of a sudden they had the time of day for us. We got in the room the RN was awesome she knew what she was doing and was very pleasant. It was the Dr. (The one that gets paid more) that acted like my son was just another number on his paycheck. He asked me to explain what's been going on with my son. And heaven forbid I tell him everything so he can figure out why my son has a high fever, because I was told we needed to get a move on so he cut me off. Very rude!! From now on I will make the 45 min trip out of my way to get 100% better service. (3 years ago)

I've had excellent experiences with Riveside Clinic! (a year ago)

Most of the staff are very friendly, and helpful. But the doctors in the E.R. are a joke. I've never seen such incompetence in my life. And the rudeness from these doctors is inexcusable. I've lived around here for 12 years, and had 5 very uncomfortable, demeaning experiences with each and every one of the E.R docs I've seen here. From telling me that maybe my 89 year old mother is better off if we just let her "go" from the blood clot in her leg (suggesting we just let her die!), to being ignored when I said don't put water in my infected ear to clean it out because I have pinholes in my ear drums....that's WHY I got an ear infection, to being treated like an enemy when I came into the E.R. to be with my sick mother ...then being apologized to later when they realized I belonged there (NO reason to be rude, at all. Families are going through a lot of stress during these times), to the big one; I had a stroke, and couldn't speak clearly, which is one of many classic signs of a stroke, and the doctor performed TWO cat scans, but not one MRI which is what I needed to be diagnosed, and he acted like I was bothering him/wasting his time. I finally had an MRI 3 more days later and the TIA was discovered, but I could have died in the meantime. My GP was so mad, she walked down to the E.R. and gave that doctor a good reaming. I'll still use the hospital, and I love the nurses there. But the E.R? Forget it. Not if I don't absolutely need it. That department and it's doctors seriously need some sensitivity training and to re-read their Hippocratic Oath. (2 years ago)

We were up in Holcombe visiting my wife's grandparets. Wife was doing fertility treatments down in Florida before we went up to visit them. All she needed done was to have an ultrasound to look at how many eggs had developed and the size of them. Now the thing was, all we needed was someone to perform the ultrasound and send the results to the fertility clinic down in Florida. They knew that was all we needed. The ultrasound was completely botched. The lady was looking at two cysts instead of the 24 follicles my wife had. She even admitted she hadn't performed one in years. Once the results were sent to Florida, they coudnt even read the results. All the money we had spent on that cycle was wasted. Now keep in mind that this costs 125 dollars at a fertility clinic that specializes in these sort of things. The hospital has charged us $348 for the equipment used, and $302 for a specialist to read the results. Hello! We specifically told you don't bother reading the results. Just print out the results and send them directly to the clinic in Florida! Oh but they say well we already took off $250 for the pelvic exam.... Really? You took that off because the lady performed one when it wasn't needed, because that goes back to her not knowing what the heck she was doing. So here we are, looking at a $650 dollar bill with threats to send it to collections if we don't pay. Everytime my wife calls to deal with it, she is just sent from one person to the next. Some sympathize with us and say we shouldn't have to pay, then tell us to call another person and then that person says well we aren't going to take any more off. If you can, please stay away from this hospital. (3 years ago)

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