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OAK PARK, IL 60304

Rush Oak Park Hospital combines the convenience and personal touch of a community hospital with the technology and expertise of a major academic medical center.

Rush Oak Park Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Rush Oak Park Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rush Oak Park Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Daughter had surgery today & will not recommend this place. No follow up and didn't even bother explaining things. Very disappointed and will continue to share review on all social media outlets so others don't waste their time or money having any work done. (a month ago)

What a disappointment, I assumed since its associated with Rush university that they would have similar methods of care & caring staff. That didnt happen. The experience from recovery area to discharge was unprofessional & suprising that some nurses can honestly care so little. My family, friends & coworkers were suprised but hopefully when their wondering why registration is down maybe they will take patients comments seriously & try to improve the experience. So unless you feel like just being a number & not treated as a human being, avoid this hospital at all costs. (a month ago)

My husband received surgery at Rush. One day, he was groggy from the medication, and two hood rat nursing assistants went in and had him stand up naked to “inspect his skin.” They didn’t know I was there on the other side of the curtain, hearing this, so I opened it and the two little rats scurried away, laughing. I went to complain, but no one in the nurse’s station seemed to know who they were. I should have sued them. Yes, he’s a man, but this is sexual assault by staff members. Yes, I should have called the police, and yes, I should have gotten our lawyer involved, but I had a sick husband and other things to deal with. However, I will NEVER go here, he will NEVER go here, and I would suggest that no one go here unless you think it’s okay for the nursing assistants to take advantage of the patients, because the hospital staff simply don’t care. (2 months ago)

Scheduled for MRI. When scheduling the apt I was asked if I was claustrophobic and I said yes very much so. Well needless to say when I arrived for my tests and was brought into the room by a very nice technician who showed me the machine and how the test will be done ,to my dismay he showed me a large plastic mask that goes over my face with just a small cutout to see through. My anxiety went through the roof since I was never told this and I already had taken a prescribed relaxation pill (which did nothing at all to calm me). He suggested a trial run which I agreed to. After he clamped on this face shield or whatever it's called and moved me into the tube I just about lost it. He got me out and I went back to the desk. Asked if there were other options since I was there. I was given a sheet of open MRI centers not affiliated with Rush which did not make sense since that is why my Dr wanted me to come to Rush for the test in the first place. I asked if there was a way to sedate me to get the test done now and was told they don't offer it and would have to go downtown for this ( isn't this a leading university hospital and they don't offer sedation?)I asked them to call and the soonest appointment was 2 weeks. No attempt from them to expedite .They handed me copies of blood work I had to have done prior to the test with no explanation of results. Fortunately, I researched these tests prior so I had somewhat of an idea what they meant. Suggestion to the staff here: when scheduling and a patient tells you they are claustrophobic ASK QUESTIONS AND OFFER THE OPTION OF SEDATION. Especially when I needed multiple tests done. There is already enough anxiety thinking about needing medical tests so this just added to my anxiety and stress. The attitude seemed to be sorry it did not work out. There was no sense of urgency to create a solution to my problem. Really poor patient care and not the level of care I expected from Rush since other procedures I have had by Rush doctors and staff have been excellent. Would not go back to the Oak Park location again. (7 months ago)

Medium grade hospital. Gets the job done, nothing to write about, ultimately depends upon your doctor. They got labs in house which makes life easier, the most confusing lay out I have ever seen for hospital. They share the space with third-party clinics and diagnostic facilities. (3 months ago)

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