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45 W 111TH STREET, CHICAGO, IL 60628
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Looking for a community hospital in the Roseland community in Chicago, Illinois? Look no further. Roseland Community Hospital has made many improvements to help serve ...

Roseland Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Roseland Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Roseland Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 900 AM – 900 PM
Tuesday 900 AM – 900 PM
Wednesday 900 AM – 900 PM
Thursday 900 AM – 900 PM
Friday 900 AM – 900 PM
Saturday 900 AM – 900 PM
Sunday 900 AM – 900 PM

Location and Directions


I am not going to give Roseland Hospital a whole star only 1/2 of a star. You all have the wrong employee's working your staff. Open up your eyes leadership and your 💓. Every patient that walks through those doors are looking for answers that you need to have ready. They need the right psychiatrist, the right psychiatric hospital, and the right compassionate employee's that are not looking at or for a paycheck. You leaders at Roseland Hospital better get your act together or the Living God is going to shut you down and open up a door for those patients that are looking for help with the right employees; that will do what you don't have the heart to do. He closed all the doors to Borders Books about 1-2 weeks later. I saw it happen before it happened. A woman of God brought up Borders Books books to me, then she called me to confirm that all of Borders Books were closing. I hate that that happened because good people lose jobs that it should not have happened too. Please Repent of how you are doing this and let the Lord lead and guide you. (a month ago)

I do not like this place ! One time I was here I was left in a room with my IV still in my arm. The wait times at this hospital is ridiculously long. Going through the emergency because a individual actually has an emergency that needs to be dealt with, roseland hospital stays “packed” with no extra help to assist others with their problems. I have been here since 5:00pm. It is now 10:00 pm. I feel like I reside in the wrong community. We do not have enough funding, the seats are hard, the wheelchairs are hard, the staff are on their phone when they need to be doing work. Life is all bad coming to roseland community hospital! (a week ago)

Rumour has it, hospital is going to close soon as stated by a Director. Clearly this is an institution that misappropriated their funds. Example, the intake coordinators for the mental health section dealing with teens and adolescents do absolutely nothing, but work 12 hours getting paid $25/hour. They have stated and bragged about sleeping, watching tv on computer, and even drinking on job when there are no meetings that day. Why are these people being paid that much to do absolutely nothing? One reason people speculate the pay is so high, because one of the coordinators is related (daughter) to a director, who is her boss. This is ridiculous. When you hear stories about organizations getting rid of good workers just to keep the bad and toxic ones due to the politics within that company, is horrible. I look forward in seeing this hospital close, so that the appropriate people will be dismissed and hopefully will be able to reopen with good workers and staff not being overpaid to do absolutely nothing. (3 months ago)

Mom was ER for 13 hours, and the emergency room doctor on PM shift didn't bother me to introduce himself or tell her anything. When i asked about her test, his response was we waiting on the results, i had to let him know if they were not back by a certain time I was removing the IV line and we are leaving! (2 months ago)


Horrible, horrible place. Wait times are ridiculous. I've been there twice each time 5+ hours wait. Each time I left without being seen. Each time NO ONE was called to the back to see a doctor. The staff blames the doctors. Don't waste your time. This place needs to close. They are NOT servicing the community. Roseland needs a hospital that cares about its patients and community. I'm absolutely disgusted at the service/non service. (2 months ago)

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