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865 STONE ST, RAHWAY, NJ 07065
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RAHWAY, NJ 07065

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway is committed to helping you and your family live better in every way.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital At Rahway is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Union County, NJ.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital At Rahway does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital At Rahway is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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When I used to Volunteer at Rahway Hospital, it was always awesome and a blast to be there. Plus, I stayed for a couple days and got surgery and got my appendix removed. Thankfully to God, the procedure went well. I have to add that the food in Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway cafeteria and kitchen was incredible. Furthermore, the nurses does take great care of you!! (in the last week)

If I could give negative stars I would. I went to the ER wit excruciating right pelvic pain on a day that happened to be a blizzard. They ended up giving me n ultrasound n CT scan and told me I had a cyst that ruptured. I asked if it could be removed n they said it was too small n sent me home in agonizing pain n gave me antibiotics. Come to find out I had an ovarian torsion that completely took my right ovary n Fallopian tube. Ovarian torsion is n emergency n they should have put me into surgery right away now I am left with half fertility. NEVER EVER GO HERE if I could sue I would. Save the trouble n drive to overlook! (3 weeks ago)

If I could put no star, I would! I’ll have to talk to Google about that cause it exists for this hospital! This hospital is just......ughhhhhh HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!! I came rushing to the emergency room in the middle of the night at the point of collapsing and me and my parents couldn’t find no one to assist us!!!! Then, while running around yelling help around the so called “emergency room”, my mom finds two security officers at the ENTRANCE, who were there the whole time watching us run around in their security cameras, searching for help and didn’t say anything. Seeing how bad I was, they calmly and slowly called for help and told us to wait.....6-7 minutes later I was still there desperate asking for help cause I felt as if I was gonna faint at any moment and no one came. Eventually, I went to JFK hospital which was much farther from there to get help. However, they attended us right away. (2 weeks ago)

I wish there was a negative button! My elderly mom was brought here because of a fall. The worst place to take anyone. Nurses are unkind and treat patients like they are idiots they are unprofessional and do not have the love for healthcare or those patients. Sad that they are there for just a paycheck and not the love for their field. Example n long story short, my mom asked for a heating pad and the nurse gave her a bag of wipes! Like my mom would not notice. Horrible horrible and sad to not be able to count on a hospital in your own town. Next time I rather drive her further fo her to get any attention. They would not give her the pain meds on time and when we would ask they would dismiss us and not come in for 2 hours. I spent 1 day there from 10am to 6pm and only 1 nurse at 5 came in to take her vitals. PS. Since my mom could not move she could not go to the rest room the ER nurse digging her nose ( disgusting) told my mom she was going to put a " dildo" to pee. Who says that to an 82 year old lady! This hospital is definitely the worst and is not a facility that advocates for patients. My mother was released with no pain medications and still can't walk. I asked the therapist when will the Dr come in and she said " he will be here when he gets here". Unacceptable for a Robert Wood St Barnabas owned hospital! (in the last week)

Horrible! I recommend taking the drive for a few extra minutes to another hospital. This is place very unorganized unprofessional . There is no communication betweek nurse and doctors . The nurse say they are going to do one thing and the doctor says they are going to do another . And then a third nurse comes and does something completely different. Very frustrated with this place. Will never come back here again ! (2 weeks ago)

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