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The mission of Riverside Medical Center is to provide high quality health care services in a safe, compassionate and cost efficient environment to the residents of ...

Riverside Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, LA.

Riverside Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Riverside Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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The ER has slightly improved since 2016, but they still have a lot of work to do. Like not hiring staff that laugh in groups. I visited the ER twice in 2017 once for myself for a chronic, lifelong illness and once for an acute issue for my child and both times there were groups of nurses laughing. One group of 3 even "whispered" 'shh there she is' when I was going to the bathroom - I even looked around and no one else was there besides me and the group of nurses. How rude, I hadn't done anything wrong! Trust me, if I did I'd own up to it. This was the visit when I was there for my son!!! Unbelievable. Though they have improved, I still highly recommend St Mary's ER, it may not be "state of the art" but they actually help you! I added photos of Riversides Christmas decorations to show they have the money to decorate nicely, yet still can't figure out how to give good emergency care. As for other departments; Special surgical, OB, radiology they are all 5 stars which is why I didn't give this an even lower score. I've heard so many horror stories from others in the ER, so it's not just me. I really hope they start caring more about people coming in for emergency situations! In my opinion, 99% of people going to the ER don't want to be there, they just don't know what else to do! Have some compassion! (a month ago)

Everything was going well at my e.r visit until a nurse "Tim Brown" came in being rude saying "you can get up now I have a patient that needs this room!" 1st and far most I was not dressed and I was not comfortable with him coming in like that and did I rush them to come to my aide or did I let them take their time? Am I not a patient also? (a month ago)

My wife went in with complaints of vomiting blood after a surgery. The wouldn't do anything except bloodwork and sent her home. After realizing after the fact that she left her phone charger plugged in she went back right away and they said it wasn't there and that she must have taken it with her. They stole a phone charger and wouldn't even allow her back to look. These people are incompetent and thieves! Would much rather she would have went to st Mary's or community in Hammond. At least the would have scoped her or something. Imbeciles! (6 months ago)

Once again the 3rd floor staff rendered beyond exceptional care! First, Telemetry cared for me when I was admitted for fainting/vertigo and walking pneumonia. They informed me about the pneumonia...smh I had no clue. Then about a month later, my husband was admitted to 3rd floor ICU for a heart attack. Once again, beyond exceptional care. All the staff....dietary, housekeeping, cna’s, lab techs, doctors, nurses, cath lab, cat scan techs, er staff, paramedics ....etc! All you guys rock! The only place we go for care.😊 (a month ago)

Do not tend to patients in a timely manner. Doctors have mis-diagnosed me or someone I know a multitude of times. (a month ago)

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