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Designed and built with a focus on patient-centered care, Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg is the pinnacle of Riverside's commitment to the residents of the ...

Riverside Doctors' Hospital Of Williamsburg is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in James City County, VA.

Riverside Doctors' Hospital Of Williamsburg does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Riverside Doctors' Hospital Of Williamsburg is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was sent to the ER by my PCP who was unable to help me. I felt I was given appropriate testing but certain signs were completely disregarded. After four hours I was told they couldn't help me because it wasn't "life threatening". Well.. how do you know if you dont know what it is? I was told to see my doctor or specialist. I repeated to them numerous times that I WAS SENT BY MY DOCTOR. I HAD SEEN HIM. The specialist could not see me for over a week. I was sent back to the ER the SAME DAY by the specialist office AND my PCP again. What a joke.... they didn't even bother to take my vitals the second time. I could hear the doctor talking about me in the hallway to the tech. I repeated that I was again sent by my doctors!!! I asked if there wasn't a specialist on call that could help me. I could barely walk. Nope. Wouldn't bother. I heard the doctor give the tech one pill and tell him specifically to tell me "to find a way to survive" in a rude tone after my mother spoke up and explained the situation. Well after getting hysterical with my specialist office I was seen. It was a GYN problem and it was serious. I've been on multiple antibiotics for over two weeks and it may have caused permanent damage to my reproductive organs. I'm not married and still of child bearing age.... (3 months ago)

This hospital is terrible! I'm literally I'm the hospital right now, writing this review because of how bad it is. They make you wait so long. They doctors/Nurses come by every 40 min to do a simple thing. And when I step out, I see all them just sitting around and talking amongst each other. Just terrible. If you live in Williamsburg just take them to Sentara Hospital. At least there they don't make you wait 4 houres. (3 months ago)

Excelente el servicio que he recibido las veces que he visitado el hospital, todos y cada uno de los que me han atendido han sido muy atentos y sobre todo con mi familia y eso para mi vale mucho. Pocas son las veces que vas a una sala de emergencies y todo el personal está preocupado por tu Salud y se alegra de tus mejorias. Así son ellos!, no los cambio. (in the last week)

Horrible ER experiences for me and two of my children. Two out of three times we did not even see a physician, we only saw a nurse. One of my daughters they didn't even bother to give her a room and did everything in the hallway. They also inputted her information into the system incorrectly and didn't put her insurance information so since they have three separate bills they send out, we have to call every single one individually to have it fixed. Super fun. Just wanted to add to my review, after 6 months of contacting the billing department over and over to give them my daughter's insurance information and several confirmation numbers and statements saying the account was taken care of. They never inputted the information into the system and instead sent the account to collections. Highly recommend avoiding this hospital if at all possible. (4 months ago)

Amazing experience with Dr. Clark and his nurse, Sharon. I am forever grateful for their empathy and extensive knowledge. Dr. Clark was born to be a physician, and the time he takes with his patients is life changing. Thank you! (4 months ago)

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