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726 4TH ST, MARYSVILLE, CA 95901
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726 4TH ST

Whether you have cancer, a heart condition, or you're looking for women and infant services , Rideout Memorial Hospital offers the superior care you need. Contact us!

Rideout Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Yuba County, CA.

Rideout Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rideout Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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This is by far the worst experience that we have had in a hospital ever. The nurses were good at caring for my wife but seemed to be reserved and maybe a little embarrassed about my comments about the room. The rooms are not big enough for 2 patients, visitors, computer for both patients and the rest of the staff that are in and out at all times of the day. The floor is nasty and housekeeping checked on the room one time in 4 days. My wife had to use the portable toilet next to her bed (Go LYTELY treatment) for everyone to see and hear. She was basically on her own during this time. Staff was kind and caring but the room was terrible. (a week ago)

Honestly I don’t understand everyone’s problem with this hospital. I’ve been in the ER about 5 times now, and every time the staff has been very kind and has accommodated my needs very well. The only problem is the wait time, hence only four stars, but with all the homeless in the area and the shortage of staff it’s understandable. Having a family member working there might make my treatment a little better, though. All in all I appreciate this hospital and the hardworking staff there, cut em some slack guys. (2 months ago)

This hospital should be shut down, the disconnect with the patients is ridiculous...they make you feel like your a burden to them. The renovations may look good, but you can put makeup on a pig, but it's still a pig. We are not treated like humans, just numbers to get that mighty dollar! These doctors and nurses seem to have lost the compassion that goes into health care. (a month ago)

They missed a huge DVT and discharged saying its nothing life threatening. The only life threatening decision to be had with rideout is deciding to go there in the first place. Go at your own peril (2 weeks ago)

I knew Rideout was bad four years ago when I waiting in the ER lobby five hours without seeing a doctor while having a heart attack. Many seemed to suggest now that the new additions were open (maybe more than a year now) they’ve gotten better and all the issues are resolved, or at least improved. Wrong!!! Very similar circumstance, only now with my wife. I have never seen a hospital ask for billing before maybe a quick query on why you’re there. The poor young woman behind us nearly dropped her very young child with a broken arm because they needed ID from her first. We didn’t stay and see how much more had “improved” at Rideout. We left and drove to a hospital in Roseville where guess what? The first question was “why are you here?” I let my prior experience at Rideout go as perhaps bad luck or a bad day. As you can read in the posting of this review, this won’t happ n twice. Rideout really needs to figure out how to improve or just start a medical shuttle to surrounding facilities. On a more personal note... earlier reviews suggest the staff at Rideout read these reviews and strive to improve. Maybe I can hope the admitting ER nurse/admin/whatever will recognize these circumstances and think, “was I the one who brought out such strong negative feelings that a man would be this angry?” I would love for that woman to understand what an uncompromising b***h she was. (2 months ago)

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