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If you are looking for a trusted hospital that has it all from heart care to minimally invasive surgery, look to Richmond University Medical Center. Learn more.

Richmond University Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Richmond County, NY.

Richmond University Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Richmond University Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If I could give it zero stars I would. Worst experience with maternity ward and after labor care. Incompetent nurses. Not on top of things as they should be, they will say they’re going to get you something and then not give it to you. Did not like the care they were showing for my newborn. HATED my time here. Couldn’t wait to go back to my OWN hospital. I’d rather take my newborn to Bellevue then have them waste my time. (2 weeks ago)

The wait to come & leave is ridiculous. They ignore you & don't give you paperwork that they FORCE you to sign for. They're busy talking to each other to understand the concept of work. Coming in I saw doctor in 45 min but didn't give me tight paper work, took them OVER an hour to give & take correct paperwork & the paper work to leave. Save your time, find a hospital that understands concept of work & cares. (3 weeks ago)

I'm currently in the ER. I got here at 630pm on the dot, was then put into what looks like a used room that hasn't been cleaned. It's so filthy it's making me feel even more nauseous then I am. There is no hospital bed, I'm sitting on a regular chair in excruciating pain. Apparently I am in need for surgery. From 6:34pm till now which is 7:19pm I have not been seen at all. I feel so sick and I'm afraid I'm gonna get worse by catching something here so I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up so I can go to a different hospital which is imconvient since the other 2 are out of the way for me. If someone from the hospital reads this, clean the damn hospital! Hire more cleaning crew and make sure you don't lose track of patients because I'm honestly walking out and I don't think anyone is even gonna notice. (a month ago)

I came here cause I was having right side pains and lower back pains I am 14 weeks pregnant. I entered this place at 12:15pm. here it is 6:14pm and I have only seen a nurse intern who has put Iv in me and was taken to get an ultra sound three hours later. when I ask for something to eat or drink they brush me aside and tell me I have to ask my nurse. when I ask a nurse what's going on no one seems to know in the name of God what's going on. I was thinking of changing hospital and having my child here. though after the trauma and everything I have been through today and 7 hrs later I am still here with no answer I have to say I been to some disgusting and bad hospital. though this one has to be the worse hospital hands down! save yourself the trip and the wait don't come here! (3 months ago)

If there were 0 stars I would choose that. This has been the worst, most unprofessional, hospital I have ever been too. Took 12 hours to get me a simple IV with fluids and medicine for my stomach. Then told me my order was coming in 5 minutes. 5 hours later. Still nothing Then when they said I was getting admitted everybody ignored me when I asked about it and asked about anything for that matter. Very inconsiderate, I asked bout my room for admissions they told me my room was the same room as the ER patients. Garbage . (3 months ago)

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