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Rice Memorial Hospital is a Level 3 Trauma Center and the largest municipally-owned hospital in the state of Minnesota. We are home to the Willmar Regional Cancer ...

Rice Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kandiyohi County, MN.

Rice Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rice Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My Daughter recently had a baby at Rice Memorial Hospital. The nurses were exceptionally friendly and professional. The food in the cafeteria was very good and inexpensive. What struck me most was that the entire facility was very clean and well maintained without being overly fancy. You don't need a lot of marble and spendy artwork to be a very good hospital! (a month ago)

*MUST READ* I have NEVER in my life been so appalled at a hospital facility. I find out my cousin was neglected for 6+ hours of being admitted into the hospital. No one check in on him. He was DRENCHED in his own sweat and saliva (due to his state he obviously needed the care from someone), he had a high fever and was not offered food or drinks. My family members contacted all the people they needed to and received NO SYMPATHY. No explanation. Not anything other than pure rudeness from even a supervisor. They did not give any further explanation. No “follow up investigations” on who was in charge that night. Told us we would have to call back this and that. WHEN IT IS THEIR JOB to solve the issue and report to whoever they need to report to, to make sure patients are getting the EFFICIENT care they need. We have read the reviews of this place and it has lost all of our trust in a hospital. I am deeply in shock. (4 months ago)

My son is a student at Ridgewater College and had to go to the ER last night because he was sick to his stomach and vomited up some blood after eating. The ER was totally useless and incompetent. They didn't even tell him the results of the tests they did on him before they discharged him! He's coming home tonight and going to the family doc tomorrow. The ER wasn't busy; staff members were sitting around goofing off and laughing and were very rude to my son and his friend. The doctor basically dismissed his symptoms. I see why this hospital has a 2.1 rating. Stay away! You will receive very poor healthcare here. Working on contacting the local press/news station to report the incident and will complain to the State oversight agency. (2 months ago)

My very elderly mother fell and was brought in by ambulance. I arrived about 40 minutes later. They were just taking some xrays when I got there. A while later a woman comes in and starts telling me that nothing is really wrong and she needs to go home. It was so random I could not make any sense of it. I finally looked at her name tag and it said MD so I had to deduce on my own that this was the doctor. No introduction! She didn't really address my mother (who was perfectly coherent) at all except when my mother asked if there was any bruising from her fall...this doctor said no which I discovered was not true after we had gotten home so I don't think she even looked her over. Thankfully there was a nurse there that was very helpful and was able to explain the situation to BOTH of us and cleared things up for us. Two nurses were good but forget the doctor and the rest....go somewhere else! (6 months ago)

As my son is reaching one year old and I look back on my experience here I find it necessary to share. Back in may of 2016 I was 12 weeks pregnant and showed up to the ER with bleeding that wasn’t normal. I waited four hours before being seen because I wasn’t considered priority so others got put ahead of me. When I finally was seen they did a quick vaginal exam and told me I was miscarrying. As it was my first pregnancy and I was only 19 I trusted they knew best and left thinking I lost my baby. They didn’t do an ultrasound or anything else and I had told them I fell down the stairs a few days prior. In June we moved and I still felt pregnant so I took a test, it was positive. So I went to the clinic where we moved and they verified and set up an ultrasound. A month later(due to belief it was a new pregnancy) we went in and found out we were 20 weeks along with a baby boy. I emailed the hospital about my experience because I went through being depressed and no prenatal care for 2 months because of their lack of care. I got a small letter back apologizing but nothing more. This is not a place I will ever trust again due to the awful experience I now associate them with. (9 months ago)

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