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DAYTON, TN 37321

Rhea Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Rhea County, TN.

Rhea Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rhea Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Only reason it’s getting one star is because I can’t put 0 ... Dr. Pollard in the ER - if you get him, RUN! Took a child to be seen after a volleyball accident, he sent her for X-rays, came back and told us there was no break. He suggested we go to Walmart and get an ace bandage and alieve. Put ice on it and elevate. I was pretty Adamant about it being seen closer but he would NOT do it AT ALL!! After much persistence he gave in and fitted for a splint but was clear about not wanting to do it. Said it was sprained and sent us on our way. Now after a visit to an orthopedist, it’s clear that her hand is broken in FOUR places and the Ortho, said it’s clear the doctor didn’t look at the X-ray because it’s a clean break. I’m livid and suggest that no one sees this doctor. 😡 (in the last week)

Hands down BEST Emergency room I've ever been too. Had a dirt bike accident so I visited there tonight, the nurses were all very friendly, done everything they could to make me comfortable while waiting on tests & scans to come back. Dr was great also. Would recommend to anyone & will definitely be going back in the future! (8 months ago)

I didn’t even want to give 1 star but had too i. Order to give a review. If you go to this hospital and Dr James Seigo is your Dr.LEAVE immediately! He is a paycheck Dr. that had a big practice in Cleveland,TN years ago but was arrested by TBI along with a couple cops he was writing pain med scrips too and they were selling them. All were making money. Clean cut good Dr with a 2 million dollar a year practice now sports a beard and ponytail somehow mangaged to keep his Med. Card to work at at E.R. In the country. I went their Friday. They blew 2 viens. Shot pain med under my skin and Dr Siego discharged me with chest pains and blood pressure was 220/190. which is stroke and heart attack range. If he is their and you are bleeding out . LEAVE! !!!!!!!!!!! (3 months ago)

I did have problems here but I have way more good experiences here than bad. The staff is nice the place is clean I’ve been here many times. Some people give hospitals bad reviews because of one incident but if you go here as many times as I been it’s a good place (8 months ago)

Went to my Dr to have an ekg done today and was told I was having a heart attack I needed to get to the emergency room right away. Which explains the major pains I've been having like forever. The tests were done by what looked like teenagers that were concerned about everything but what they were doing. I waited over two hrs for a Dr to tell me I had indigestion even after I told her I had failed another ekg elsewhere. Guess that nothing I had to eat today disagreed with me, or was it the nothing I had yesterday cause I was hurting too bad to eat then too. They also gave me an injection to lower my blood pressure which I noticed the needle was 30% air which I thought was supposed to kill you. (Prey for me) After all the many times this place had misdiagnosed and x-rayed the wrong body parts I didn't feel safe to stay any longer so I pulled the i.v. out and walked out. Still hurts in my chest right now but I would rather die at home than in a hospital that practices malpractice and leave my family with a $100,000 debt for indigestion. (6 months ago)

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