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Reynolds Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit, acute-care community hospital located in Glen Dale, WV. We are governed by a 25-member volunteer board of directors

Reynolds Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marshall County, WV.

Reynolds Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Reynolds Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The hospital staff is very kind and helpful. The facility is looking better and is a comfortable, welcoming space. It is unfortunate that during my visit they accepted no debit/credit cards for the cafeteria, vending area, or gift shop. There was an ATM on sites but it was out of order. This was an inconvenience for me, since as per usual I had no cash on me. Otherwise, it's a nice little hospital. (a month ago)

I had hoped that since WVU had taken over this hospital it would be a “better” choice for the ER. I wish I could give the nurses 5 stars because they were so nice. Even though my nurse called my RA arthritis (it is not even close to arthritis) once I clarified she pulled it up on her computer and she said “I didn’t know it affected all that.” BUT she was very kind and I sincerely liked her. The doctor however.....just wow. He took X-rays of my wrist. That’s it. Great no broken bones. But if you don’t even look at it, let alone examine it, how are you going to know if there’s ligament, tendon or nerve damageI felt and heard a tear and a pop. So whatever man, I’m agoraphobic I don’t leave the house for some minor boo boo. My pulse alone should have raised s red flag it was 116! Resting! It’s never that high! I asked him twice about the possibility of a blood clot and he said “it doesn’t work that way”. I said “If you say so”. I’m almost certain I’ll end up needing an MRI eventually. Gah. How are you going to examine a patient with a busted arm and wrist if you don’t even check for range of motion?! Also. Kind of sucked they took me with a bum wrist and a lady with a broken toe ahead of a little boy who had wrecked a four wheeler. He was shivering! I don’t think that’s how triage works, but what do I know. (2 weeks ago)

My husband had a hip replacement and Dr. Myers was amazing took his time to explain everything, the nursing staff was also very helpful and kind. Some parts of the hospital needs a little TLC but most importantly it was clean. (3 weeks ago)

Very poorly managed/operated. There are a few good nurses, but they seem few & far between. Very unhappy with my experience here & suggest going somewhere else if at all possible. (6 months ago)

When my husband needed emergency surgery and ended up the hospital for a week, the staff were kind, compassionate and very thorough in letting us know what was next in his recovery. (a year ago)

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