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Resolute Health in New Braunfels provides integrated healthcare services with preventive and educational programs.

Resolute Health Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Comal County, TX.

Resolute Health Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Resolute Health Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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ER doc made several bad calls, pressured me into an unnecessary spinal tap of my six week old infant, gave antibiotics before getting a urine sample (which means you can't tell what the infection is), said "It's your baby" the way most people say "It's your funeral," and forced me to accept ambulance transport to a pediatric hospital despite knowing my insurance wouldn't cover and despite my assurances that I would drive directly to hospital. I couldn't tell if I had the right to refuse transport, I had no signal, I couldn't call my insurance company, my specialist, my pediatrician, or even my spouse. I felt alone and scared, and now I'm terrified of what the bill will be. Look, I got in fast, and the nurses were lovely. It's a beautiful facility. But this is the one thing you really need, a doctor with a reasonably good judgment. We won't be back. EDIT: Cool, while you're looking into it you may wish to figure out why it took 19 days to get culture results to my child's doctor. (a month ago)

We were staying at a nearby RV park on Canyon Lake and my husband came down with a really bad sinus infection. You never know when you are out of town what kind of health care is nearby and we were concerned. Our concerns were quickly put to rest. I would not hesitate to come to this hospital. My husband received great care and everything was top notch, from the professional doctors to the cleanliness of this very new facility. We had a 'Guest Embassador' (I'm so sorry I don't remember her name but she is an Army Veteran) who was the absolute sweetest and she kept coming in to check on us to make sure we were comfortable while waiting. They take all kinds of health plans and took our Ohio healthcare. Thanks so much Resolute Health Hospital for taking good care of my husband.😊😉 (2 weeks ago)

Unbelievable how they are trying to run their business. Worst experience ever, I have never written a bad review in my life. Most bad experiences are just simply that and you move on. I encourage anyone considering to go to Resolute for any reason to reconsider. I received a $2000 bill from the hospital for 30 mins in a waiting room. Then I also received a $1000 bill from a separate physician who put about $2 worth of glue on my daughters wound. Literally were there for 30 mins and got some glue added to close a wound, then billed $3000. Unreal. I would like to speak with someone there who actually cares about their patients and community. If not, hopefully their facility will suffer the consequence of being greedy and deceitful. (a month ago)

I have never felt more threatened or bullied by a doctors office than I am feeling right now. I don’t even know where to begin. I left a review of my experience here yesterday, which was NOT POSITIVE. Some of the things I expressed my dissatisfaction in with this office was that they seemed very rude and snooty and had poor customer service skills. I also said how they never return phone calls. I called over 3 times attempting to get my son into speech classes and never received calls back. I also expressed how the waiting room was small and there were no toys to keep the kids busy, so the kids would just run crazy. Now. After I had posted this review I received a phone call from someone who claimed to be the head of operations for this office. They began to tell me how they were sorry for my poor experience and fed me one excuse after the other. Then he mentioned something about giving me an amazon gift card never actually stating a dollar amount in order to remove my review on his pediatric office. Then he went on without giving me a chance to respond stating he has “aggressive attorneys” and he sure would hate to see someone have to pay up to a $2000 fine for defamation. When I asked so you’re going to sue me for my review? He made sure to say he DID NOT say the word sue and he’s not trying to threaten me….after this scary threatening phone call I felt VERY bullied and removed my review not knowing what this man is capable of knowing he has access to my private information. Also contacting me about a google review and not medical reasons seems crazy and unethical! After having told a few other moms in the community about my bizarre and semi-traumatizing experience they were angry and decided to write their own personal reviews as well. AFTER this I received 2 more phone calls and text messages containing more threats. I will never step foot in this office again and I think in my opinion these people are very shady and scary I would never recommend them to anyone. (2 months ago)

Ive been to this hospital when my son had breathing issues and for other health issues. I never had an issue till the last time I came, I went to L&D for a fall and they monitored my baby after that they wanted to transfer me to the ER for x-rays and they had a room for me ready. When the lady transferred me to the ER the nurse that was there told her to put me in the lobby with just a gown that was ripped and wouldn’t close all the way! I was so uncomfortable and asked why I was being put on the lobby when they had a room the nurse responded she had put another person in the room they had for me. I wouldn’t of mind if I had a better cover up or even a blanket to cover my self. When I asked the receptionist in the front for a blanket she stated “ it shouldn’t take that long for them to call you back” and never gave me something to cover up. The nurse that had given the room up came out to the lobby and called another patient in again my husband asked the nurse this time for a blanket she just rolled her eyes and went back inside. I was upset at this I walked to the restroom with my gown all ripped and changed and walked out. I went to another hospital where I got treated way better. The next day I called to make a complaint and even went to the hospital to talk to the registration manager and wrote my statement and till this day I still haven’t received a call. (3 months ago)

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