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Regions Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ramsey County, MN.

Regions Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Regions Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My 91 year old mother was transported to Regions after a fall.The ER staff was great, stopped the bleeding from her broken nose (she was on blood thinners), and stabilized her neck (fracture in her vertebrae). Took a while to see all the doctors on her team and get her moved to the ICU, but we were kept informed at all times. Almost 2 days in the ICU where she received great care, then on to a room in South 11. Well cared for and started some therapy. Now she's in Capital View transitional care center, located in the same facility. We made this decision specifically because it would be easy to get her readmitted to Regions if she suddenly went down hill. Nothing negative to say about the entire experience. We have used valet parking everyday, both on the South side and West side entrance. It is very reasonably priced, especially for seniors 65 and older, who get a flat rate of $3 for all day. We've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to retrieve our car, I'd say 3 minutes is about average. Also, I would give 5 stars to the cafe on second floor who serves freshly made flat bread pizzas, wraps, and rice bowls to name a few. The food is prepared quickly and is outstanding. The prices are very reasonable and they also give a senior discount.****** (3 months ago)

My niece had a big surgery in her pelvis. She was well taken care of. All doctors, nurses, care takers, front desk and security people are very very kind. They are professional and efficient. I'm very impressed by them. Family member is allowed to stay overnight in the private room she stays, very impressive services. I definitely recommend it. (4 months ago)

My experience at this hospital was awful and I know that the hospital won't care or address these complaints ever but I am posting it hoping that others can see this before they decide to come here for care. Came here and was totally disappointed. All the staffs were extremely rude. When they are in the room, the want to strictly talk to the patient. They felt they don't need to answer any concerns or questions the family may have. All the staffs continued moving along and do whatever that was ordered expecting the patient to be okay and go with the flow. If the patient question any of it, the staffs get extremely angry and will leave the room and stop doing what they were doing. They won't even explain why they were starting the patient on a med or why a MRI was ordered. They felt offended that the patient questioned his care so they leave the room and reported off to the other staffs/providers that the patient was noncompliance. If the family have any questions, it is reported off that the family was interfering with the patient's care. When the family and the patient voiced their concerns, the provider and charge nurse say sorry we will address the concerns and try to answer any questions the patient or family may have. 5 minutes later another staff comes into the room acting exactly the same again where "I don't need to answer any questions. You as the patient do as what I say." Nothing get change after several complaints. As a matter of fact, the poor patient is now labeled "noncompliance." No, the patient wasn't noncompliance. The patient will just like to know what is going on and why. Is that considered "noncompliance?" Don't come here unless you like to do as what you were told to do without asking any questions. (3 months ago)

I was brought from Cambridge hospital to Regions hospital via ambulance, code 3, for a severe Subdural Hemotoma - a blood pool 1/2" thick on the right side of my head, pressing my brain against the left side of my skull. Everyone was great, the nurses, PCAs, transfer staff, housekeeping, doctors, the anesthesiologist and team, and the Neurosurgeon, Doctor MacGyver, and his staff. The physical therapy folks, volunteers, EVERYONE. Also, a shout out to the Allina Paramedics who were great too. The entire ordeal, I felt very cared for and treated well by a professional and personable staff. And there's the whole being alive thing.... (4 weeks ago)

Parking is insane. Give yourself at least 20 extra minutes to account for the difficulty in finding an open parking spot that isn't reserved for some strange purpose - like valet parking. Valet parking is available, but only at the main entrance. I find this entrance not well marked, so I end up parking in the West Parking Ramp. Remember the LETTER of the floor you parked on; the elevators are confusing and if you don't remember which level on which you parked - well, I have had to just walk the parking ramp to find my car. They use to have paper slips with the floor letter on it for you to take at the elevators but not the last time I had to visit. The hospital layout is equally insane. If you don't know where you're going, ask at the front desk inside from the main entrance - which is actually on the second floor yet looks like it's on the first floor. I told you it was insane! Otherwise, great doctors and services. (6 months ago)

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