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Redington Fairview General Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Somerset County, ME.

Redington Fairview General Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Redington Fairview General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Front desk and intake nurse, unfriendly, instructions and responses very brisk, all seemed to be angry. Intake nurse would not take the time for me to pull up my electronic medical to get list if allergies and medications. I guess it didn't matter to them because during my stay no one asked for health history or current medications The care provider was, Amy, a PA. She was very professional, caring and knowledgeable. She was great. After very brief intake was shown to an ER room with no instructions. I had intense pain from a possible pinched nerve in my neck. No one offered ice pack or comfort measures. After intake the only other nurse I saw was a discharge nurse, Louie,He's wearing friendly. He gave me discharge instructions and said I could leave. I still hadn't been registered! actually, I had to tell the staff twice that I still needed to be registered. If it weren't for the PA care provider, I woul give this hospital zero stars. I am a registered nurse, if this had been my hospital I would feel very ashamed. Come on nurse's, don't fall to this low level of care. Have more pride in your role. (a month ago)

I arrived on a Sunday evening with a severe injury from an ATV accident. I was immediately and continuously given the highest quality of care from the nurses to doctors. I have a cardiac history and am a difficult patient with multiple issues prior to the accident and was most impressed with how they handled each problem in addition to the injury. Highly recommended! (in the last week)


Not impressed with the treatment myself or my wife received from this hospital. My wife complained over a week ago she felt sick and had flu type symptoms starting from Puking, nausea, head ache sore throat, couching and sneezing severe congestion etc and they told her she was fine. Gave her a water bottle with a bunch of random stuff in it for a cold sent her on her way. The nurse she had that day who set up her iv complained how much of a long day she had she was so ready to leave. She complained putting the iv in she looked like she had no clue what she was doing she was fishing pretty much in my wifes arm she blew my wifes vein and gave us the attitude like it was our fault. Then told us she was over her shift .. As I watch my wife miserable in pain we had to wait for another person to run an iv in my wife to get her the fluids she needed. And we waited for a long time while the female dr she had talked about her pregnancy showing pictures to all co-workers and not one came in to see how my wife was doing, then the other male nurse was telling a female nurse jokingly he was going to bring her condoms in. & we heard about the patient coming in because they were all talking so loud about it!!! Now at this point we are beyond completely annoyed still waiting for someone to come in. Over an hr later they come in with discharge papers. And send my wife home. Pissed with how our insurance pays this hospital for top treatment and we felt failed by them .now here we are over a week later my wife symptoms got ten times worse again and she's still puking now has a fever and pneumonia.... We go to the hospital a second time now , they take blood screw up doing that my wife was poked twice , no iv fluids after I told them she puked twice , nurse came in had super attitude because my wife wanted a wheel chair cause she felt dizzy and nauseous so she didn't want to walk to x-Ray, again nursing all standing around conversating about food they had and who they were going to order from... The only thing that was good about today was the Dr. Steven who finally diagnosed her with what was wrong and gave her antibiotics. But in the mean time now shes out of work and still severely sick. And if they took their time the first time we went we wouldn't be in this situation. Highly frustrated. Only reason we go to this hospital is because its the closest, if it was our choice this would be the last place, but having no vehicle puts a damper on what options you have. But overall if you get treatment here advocate for yourself and speak up, dont let them rush you out of there unless you are 100% sure you had the best treatment possible. (2 months ago)

Went here with a pinched nerve in my neck and was in terrible pain. Both the Dr. and the ER nurse treated me like I was a seeker there just for pain drugs! When the incompetent nurse could not put an IV in me she actually said to me, "You must be an IV drug user." WHAT?! I have never done a IV drug my life! I asked her what on earth would make her say that and she pointed to a 20 year old surgical scar on my ARM...this "RN" actually thought a surgical scar was "track marks"! I was never treated so horribly before at an ER. I had to file a complaint with the state over this, the nurse was given 5 years probation for not speaking to me in a "therapeutic manner." Not everyone in pain is a drug addict! (7 months ago)

We had a great experience here last week. Our daughter broke her collar bone at camp and we had to meet her at this hospital (we live in MA) so we had no idea what sort of place it was. The whole experience was so great - I mean, minus the fact that she had this broken bone, but all of their care, their speed, their ability to explain to us what was happening - it was all great. The nurses let me borrow their phones (my cell didn't get signal) to make calls I needed to make on behalf of my daughter, and they were so friendly and polite. I an't emphasize how fast it all was - my experience in ERs is always slow and tedious, I'ms sure they aren't always this fast but I was so impressed that they didn't just shove us in a room and leave us for hours which is more common. Anyway - just a great experience here. Clean, nice bathrooms . . . the whole works! Great job nurses, PAs and staff - you made what was a scary experience feel manageable and clear. Thank you! (11 months ago)

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