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1796 HWY 441 NORTH, OKEECHOBEE, FL 34972
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1796 HWY 441 NORTH

Raulerson Hospital is a full-service emergency care facility specializing in surgical services and orthopedics in Okeechobee, FL.

Raulerson Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Okeechobee County, FL.

Raulerson Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Raulerson Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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ZERO STARS!!!! Takes the cake for the worst hospital I've EVER been to. First of all the staff is rude and very limited. I felt like I was in an asylum when I walked through the front door, dingy, dirty, terrible lighting, it was creepy. There wasn't a soul around. After wandering around for awhile I found a janitor who didn't speak a lick of English. She eventually found a receptionist, who didn't say a word to me that wasn't rude beyond belief. She escorted me to my husband who was there for tremendous stomach pains. After all but telling him he was full of BEEP, a woman came in and said the doctor could not see him until he paid. (PAID FOR WHAT????) I then swiped my debit card for $50. What seemed like an eternity later the "doctor" came in, rude and full of himself he told my husband "it's just gas". He then left, no questions, no advice, no time to talk, just walked off joking with the nurse. We were then given a prescription for gas x & asked to leave the room the way we found it. We never received a bill from Raulerson Hospital, I have to admit I was relieved. I thought they weren't charging us more than the $50 upfront payment. A few months later I received a bill from a collection agency for almost three hundred dollars. I was at the least flabbergasted. I tried to settle the account for a more reasonable amount considering the fact that nothing was done for us. It gets better, shortly after our visit to Raulerson, my husband had an emergency appendectomy. The negligence of that hospital could have caused my family a lot more grief than a terrible experience and an outrageous bill. Luckily we were fortunate enough to find a caring doctor that didn't chalk a grown man's stomach pain up to just gas. The staff at Raulerson Hospital are the last people you want to come in contact with if you are seeking medical professionalism or even medical care for that fact. Words can not express how much I warn anyone thinking of visiting this horrible place. (3 months ago)

I was there for a scan. No surgery. Very nice and professional people. (a month ago)

Is a great Hospital I've been there several times and I've never run into any person that was rude to me the nurses are friendly the doctor try to help you whenever they can I want to the emergency room and there was no wait I was admitted right away it was a little bit before I got to bed because they had to run some tests on me and find out exactly what was going on my opinion is a excellent Hospital with excellent nurses and staff I would recommend it to anybody. I have had a couple of the doctors that weren't as friendly as others but most of them were real friendly and try to help you the best they Can. I have spent 5 days there and did not have one bad experience. It is a excellent clean Hospital I would recommend it to anybody (a year ago)

Extremely long waiting time.. Alot of staff waiting around not doing much. Definitely needs improvement with nursing staff. Discharge papers on desk a whole hour before anyone picked it up. Very poor communication at all. My child never got meds doctor "ordered". #Lawnwood Medical Center may be worth the drive next emergency. (7 months ago)

My mother was recently admitted at this hospital and when she returned home she was crying telling me how horrible her experience was. My father was with her and was a witness. She has recently been diagnosed with ALS and told this hospital and informed them to contact U of M, that they know everything about her. I will go over a few of the medical failures. First, she asked for water repeated for hours, approximately 8 hours. Her nurse was terrible, extremely rude and obviously not well educated. The nurse first put her I.V. line where her elbow bends then tried to draw blood from her hand...okay not horrible but THEN the nurse tries to take her blood pressure on the arm with the IV! Then, after about the tenth time asking for water, my mother overheard the nurses talking about her in the hall by the nurses desk, they were complaining about her saying "what's she b**ching about now?" . Shortly after overhearing this the nurse comes in and wants my mother to take an ativan. Are you kidding me?! If you want to send an ALS patient into respiratory failure then sure, also....she was just asking for water but she was such an inconvience that you could get an order for a drug to "shut her up" and stop making you do your job?! But no order for water? Come on. Also the nurse came in with a bag of antibiotics and just started hooking it up. My mother is a RN, ahe knows procedures, anytime a nurse is going to administer anything like that you confirm your patient. Nope she didnt say anything, my mothwr had no idea she was going to be getting that. Another thing, that damn nurse did a nasal swab and held the end of the extremely long q-tip and just forcefully shoved it up my mother's nose and half way down her throat. Yes you need to go in far but you don't need to be so rough about it. Man, I just keep having things to complain about. She also had a student nurse spending time in my mother's room, once my mother finally got some water she choked on it and that student nurse just watched her choke! She never moved to assist nothing. Then when my mother could speak again she said i just choked and the student argued with her that no, you threw up, I seen you. Why? So you wouldn't have to do paperwork? The only staff there that she was able to talk to that seemed nice was the second and last doctor she seen, she told him whats wrong with me? No one is telling me anything and I want to go home now. Gue as what he told her? She has gastroenteritis and is DEHYDRATED. I highly suggest some of this hospitals staff get a job that doesn't require them to have or be compassionate, maybe they could pick up peoples trash or something. I myself worked as a CNA and I know it can be hard but that never made me rude or less knowledgeable. Bottom line, if you have the choice to go somewhere else, I highly recommend it! (7 months ago)

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