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Rapid City Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pennington County, SD.

Rapid City Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Rapid City Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I usually don't write reviews unless a place stands out to me - either in a good, or bad way. After reading all the negative reviews here I feel like I should include my experience. My wife and I had our first baby here a few days ago. We went in for an induced labor that ended in a c-section. All the nurses were great, attentive, gave often check ups, and seemed to enjoy what they are doing. I can't remember her exact role, but we had someone from higher up in the hospital (floor manager maybe?) stop in and ask how everything is going, if there's anything they can do better to make everything go as well as possible for us, and ask if we had any complaints. We really didn't have any issues other than when I ordered from the cafeteria, they seemed slightly "stingy" in that they kept "forgetting" to include items in my order, and gave an excuse that they couldn't give me a side salad because the personal pizza was too big and took up too much space on the tray (it was exactly the same size as every other plate). After telling her this, immediately every following order was improved until check out. They stopped "forgetting" side orders, they gave me more reasonable sized orders instead of 1 slice of a frozen waffle as a breakfast entree. Imagine that, a reasonable complaint that was immediately resolved - I hate to say it but that doesn't often happen for me. If I had to nitpick, the only person I could have had an issue with was one of the pediatricians. A short lady, probably in her mid to late 40s. She seemed knowledgeable but the way she handled our baby is not what I would call gentle. I wouldn't describe any moment she handled him as being gentle. I never said anything because she was never rough enough to visibly upset him or make him cry, but it made me question whether she actually wanted to be there or not. Overall, I was actually really impressed with how dedicated and hospitable everyone was. I can be pretty critical of others and really couldn't find anyone who came off as cold, lacking knowledge or training, or anyone who gave me a weird vibe other than the one lady I mentioned. For the other reviewer who mentioned corruption, don't get your hopes up about the Mayo Clinic being any better. They are renowned for having excellent care and doctors; not for lacking corruption. You WILL find this corruption everywhere you look in the US thanks to our for profit medical community. You can thank the US government for that. It's just a matter of who's better at getting away with it and hiding it. Again this is just my personal experience, maybe things don't work as smoothly in other sections of the hospital, but labor and delivery, and the postpartum area was excellent. (a month ago)

The first time I visited there for myself was horrible. I had my two year old daughter with me and they offered no support to give her food or drink while I was stuck in bed until I begged they at least fed her. The worst part being they treated me with medicines I repeatedly told them I was allergic to and offered a treatment in which I now have two physicians saying on my case would cause severe effects and major possibility of death. So needless to say I was not happy. Though I credit the ambulance team to great service with both my daughter and me. The billing department sends out false collections notices in which legally they can not send out unless they have received zero payment towards the account. When I brought my daughter in for a head bump we waited for close to an hour to be seen. The nurse and the doctor who saw her we're very nice. They really didn't spend more then two minutes with her but at least they listened and understood. Overall one good experience does not make me want to ever go back to a place giving medicines your allergic to or harassing me for money in which they are receiving. Maybe not in full cause not everybody has it in full but your receiving your damn money so leave me alone. Not to mention I want one itemized bill not eighteen coming at different months thats ridiculous. And to charge for facilities that's what a hospital is for. (2 months ago)

We went to the ER because my girlfriend and I thought she was having a miscarriage, they put us in a room and some young kid took her blood and she said it hurt really bad the whole time that he was taking her blood, than we had to wait forever than finally a nurse and doctor came in, the doctors name was Brook Eide, they were both really intense and made my girlfriend feel so uncomfortable and even me, we asked questions and he was very rude with his answers, and than did a pelvic exam in which he roughly and quickly inserted the spectrum and evaluated for a matter of seconds and quickly removed the spectrum and leaves the room forever again and come back and tells us he doesn’t know if she’s having a miscarriage, is very short with us and tells us that she should go to her personal doctor as soon as she can. So the whole trip to the emergency room was a big waste of time and money. (a month ago)

My mother has been on 7th floor for a week this Monday. The nurse and staff seem competent. I have arrive to visit her from anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30pm. She usually has her supper brought in around 5:30pm then it sits on her table tray till whenever I arrive. Which has been anywhere from 1 to 2 hrs later.i I usually just start feeding her when I get there some time in the next half hour to 45 minutes someone comes in to check on her.She is elderly and cannot feed herself. She has been fed the same supper everyday she has been there.I am not sure she would even get supper if I didn't show up. A few times they have wanted to do treatment or catscan in the middle of me trying to get her fed(these times were around 7:00 and 7:30) . (a month ago)

The biggest display of ineptitude I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. They were busy ordering a lot of unnecessary tests to make the hospital $$$ but never bothered communicating with the patient or family on ordered tests. Alarms and call lights go ignored and they have terrible communication and follow-up. No one is ever truly held accountable, and it takes an Act of Congress to get an aspirin within 2 hours! The only thing they do seem to be efficient at is making sure you receive their over-inflated bill with their loan shark interest rates. I wish I never would have brought my loved one there since the care he received was overall negligent and he ended up passing away. This place may be adequate for delivering babies, but I would go elsewhere if you have anything more serious than a hangnail. It is also common knowledge that they treat the Native American population despicably (BIA/IHS-take note)-thus I believe it would be very beneficial if some of the staff at Regional took a field trip to Mayo where they could learn how to treat patients like human beings since they seem to have so much difficulty understanding the concept. They have advertised that they are # 1 in the region which is laughable since they are the ONLY ONE in the region. This "Healthgrades" award they are touting is also suspect since that rating system is known to be flawed (or paid for). To the positive reviewers I can only say this, "even a stopped clock is right twice a day". Perhaps if Rapid City Regional was more attentive to their patients instead of worrying about a new building expansion (and executive bonuses), people would not have to drive 5 hrs. for quality medical care. I hope they will also deal with the frosty atmosphere in their ER and send the over abundance of "Nurse Ratcheds" out to pasture. Overall this place is a racket and I would avoid this deathtrap if at all possible. I have also called the Department of Health to discuss my concerns only to be ignored and I can only imagine how many lobbyists they have doing their bidding in Pierre. Yet another shining example as to why South Dakota consistently ranks as one of the most (if not the most) corrupt states in the nation. The best thing that could happen to Rapid City Regional would be some healthy COMPETITION. The good people of Rapid City and the surrounding areas deserve better than RC Regional (MRSA Medical) and the chokehold and monopoly they have had on the community for far too long. Sanford and Avera are you listening??? (in the last week)

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