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Putnam County Hospital is here to serve all of your medical needs. Surgery, emergency, men's, women's and adolescent health.

Putnam County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Putnam County, IN.

Putnam County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Putnam County Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Both of my parents participated in the Swing Bed Program. For both of them, it was a welcome alternative to rehab/therapy at a nursing home. With a private room, & very attentive staff, there was no comparison. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has had a recent medical situation & physically isn't quite ready to go home. (8 months ago)

Took the mother of my children to this hospital and they did a bunch of tests and basically told her to go see her primary care doctor after shooting her full of steroids. Somebody in this hospital, or rather, every person involved with our visit.. needs to be sent back to school. We spoke to two different doctors, and a few nurses. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. FAILED TO SEE THAT HER LIVER COUNT WAS LOW ON THE TEST THEY PERFORMED! What does this mean? It means there is an issue with her liver, we came to find out.. at our primary doctor. Nobody at Putnam County noticed her liver count was low despite issuing the test themselves. They just neglected to notice the results. Well my primary care doctor basically said it's okay it's fine just don't take any steroids because if it is an infection it could really make it worse.. WELL GUESS WHAT THEY GAVE HER TWO SHOTS OF AND PRESCRIBED FROM PUTNAM COUNTY? STEROIDS. Don't take a sick animal here, the reviews are right. Anyone who says anything good about this hospital merely got lucky and they didn't have a severe issue. They're all sheeple. Especially that littiken guy I know him he's an idiot. Don't go here EVER (7 months ago)

Took my pregnant wife here. They wouldn't let me or my daughter to go back with her even when she requested. She wanted her info private the hospital keep it public. I took a phone call in the lobby on my cell phone and next thing I know the police are showing up saying I made threats towards the hospital staff. Which all I said is I am going to file a complaint. My wife decided enough was enough tore her IV out and walked out. Don't go here they don't care they just want drama. (7 months ago)

Had a few hiccups prior to my surgery however....this wonderful hospital just waived over a $15000 bill that I had no idea how I would ever pay! Thank you so very much Putnam County Hospital for your obvious dedication to patients above all. I will be forever greatful!!! (6 months ago)

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